Empty Lot

Do you ever wonder what they are going to build on the empty lot on the north side of the school? As I pass by the empty lot, I wonder whether they will build more apartments, a house, or a type of commerce like a 7-11. 

  • Walking across the street

There was a time when Lupe’s, Starbucks and the Subway right across the street did not exist. There was a Mexican restaurant named Carmen’s Mexican Food. Before Carmen’s, there was a Carl’s Jr. that moved to Convoy Street.

In a few years that I’m in high school–and if they have not built anything–I want to return just to see if my guess was correct.


2016-03-26 13.11.37Just in time for the warm weather approaching, here is a list of some student’s favorite beaches to hang out and have fun:

3. Windansea Beach, La Jolla

This spot is especially fun if students want to go to a fun and populated beach.

2. Sunset Cliffs, Point Loma

Sunset Cliffs is relaxing place with the best view of the beautiful San Diego sunsets. Also many caves and tide pools to explore.

1. Mission Beach

This infamous beach for teens is known to get crowded, but it has an ongoing list of activities: including the popular amusement park, Belmont Park, right on the beach, volleyball nets, the boardwalk, and many options for all kinds of savory foods.

Have a fun and safe time!


Coming of Age: The Process of Turning 18

Turning eighteen is the end of one journey and the beginning of another. Physically we are the same, but mentally we are maturing, and we are beginning to get ready to face the rest our lives as adults.

As a teenager who just recently turned eighteen, it felt awkward at first. The prospect of becoming an adult felt like a breath of fresh air. Looking back, it felt like that the first year of high school was the start of the journey to adulthood.

As freshmen, we all were young, wild, and still in the middle school mindset. As sophomores, we begin to grow a bit and start showing signs of maturity. As juniors, we become more mature and become wise to how our world will be like after high school. And finally as seniors, we come full circle having gained the knowledge needed to move on from our high school lives and mentality begin the mindset of transitioning into college and the workplace.

I having matured greatly since my arrival here at Kearny: having realized that the past three years have been only stepping stones to that eventual point where we as seniors move on to create new experiences and memories in college.

Here at Kearny, where early graduation is offered to students who want to get a head-start in college, senior year becomes more of a time to rest and prepare for college life.

At the beginning of my senior year for me, it felt normal and unchanged, but as soon as second semester started, it began to feel long and unsettling. The desire to leave high school and begin college life began to take hold. This desire led to many seniors, including myself, to getting senioritis.

Senioritis basically means that as seniors the desire to leave makes us lazy and sometimes unfocused in class. To mitigate this, most seniors decided to leave early and go to Mesa College. I chose to opt out and stay at Kearny because I already received an acceptance letter to  go to California State University Los Angeles.

As a senior I am extremely proud to have accomplished so much in my life, and now, I feel like I’m ready to face the world on my own.

At the end of it all, graduation is fast approaching. And two months from that, the spring semester of college begins and new memories and experiences awaits all of us.

So turning 18 means that our lives are in our hands now, and it is up to us to make and do something good with it




During the school year 2014-15, the CAHSEE became history. The class of 2017 was the last class to take the CAHSEE. Now we take the SBAC instead of the CAHSEE. Regardless whether students passed or failed the last year, it does not matter since it is now a moot point.     

  • Obsolete Math Book

CAHSEE is a test that was created by California to measure student knowledge. The test ensured that students graduated with junior and high school grade level skills in reading, writing, and math.

All high school students had to pass the CAHSEE to earn a high school diploma. If students did not pass the CAHSEE, they would not be able to graduate high school. Students first took the test in 10th grade. Students who didn’t pass in 10th grade could take it again during 11th and 12th grade.


Kearny’s 4 School Basketball Tournament

Kearny High School now has their own small school basketball team. Meaning, each small school (SIB, DMD, SCT, EID) will be competing against each other. Students and teachers are teaming up to represent their small school. These four teams will be competing in a basketball tournament.

When: March 23,2016

Time: 3:30-5:24PM

Where: GYM

Congratulations to SCT for winning the basketball tournament!

Blood Drive

Our wonderful Komets donated their blood to help save lives. Thank you to everyone who came and donated blood. A portion of the blood was donated to seven-month-old Regina, and many more kids who needed it. The donated blood all went out for a good cause. All the students’ blood was tested to see if it was safe.

If students want to donate their blood, they have to be 15 or older with a signed parent or guardian permission slip. If students are 18, they can sign their own.

For a double donation, there are special requirements, such as a specific height and weight for both men and women. Students need to discuss these requirements with a representative from the San Diego Blood Bank when scheduling their appointment.

End of the Quarter Is Coming

Prepare yourself!

The end of the quarter is right around the corner. If any students are falling behind on their class assignments, they should start working harder these next two weeks. The quarter ends the week after we return from spring break.

It is very important that students get their grades up by the end of the quarter—because once the quarter ends—there is no going back. If you have an F, it will remain like that forever.

That is why it is important to have good grades.

Sea World Stops Breeding Orcas?

Sea World announced Thursday it is ending its killer whale breeding program, a move comes after mounting public criticism and slumping park attendance over the past several years. The San Diego marine park will be the first to see the changes next year, followed by San Antonio, and then Orlando in 2019. Across the three  U.S. parks, there are 23 orcas, ranging in age from 1 to 51.

The company already agreed not to bring in any more cetaceans, meaning that the current existing orcas in park represent Sea World’s last generation of killer whales.

But given their life spans—50 years or more—the orcas will mostly likely be a presence at the parks for decades to come.

  •   Credit for the information goes to the following: Weisberg, Lori. “Sea World to Stop Breeding Orcas.” The San Diego Union Tribune, Friday 18 March  2016, Front Page.

UCSD Kyoto Prize Symposium

On March 16, classes from SIB took a field trip to UCSD. We were invited to attend the 2016 Kyoto Laureate Symposium. There was a power point slide that welcomed all high schools. 

2016-03-16 15.53.00

Looking for a New Earth

The principle speaker was Dr. Michel Mayor who found the first exoplanet, a planet beyond our solar system. He lectured on the process of how exoplanets are being discovered.

After the lecture, there was a question and answer period, and then food was served.

Once everyone was done eating, we were allowed to walk around the campus for a little while. By 5:40 everyone had reunited at the Triton statue in front of the Price Center. And sad to say, we had to leave.

  • The crowd

The Difference Between Chinese and American Schools

My Middle School in China

I am an emigrant student from China. I attended schools in China until last year. Schools there are very different from the schools in America.

Chinese high schools last for three years while American ones last for four years. Also, Chinese high school students must lodge on their high school campus on the weekdays, but are allowed to go home on the weekends.

My Chinese middle school started at 7:20 and ended at 5:20 while Kearny starts at 8:40 and ends at 3:30. My classes there, for each period, lasted for 45 minutes while here they last for 90 minutes. The break between classes lasts for ten minutes there. Students in middle school China don’t stay at school during lunch; they go home, eat, and take a nap, then go back to school in the afternoon.

In China, students mostly have all their subjects in the same classroom with the same classmates. However, instead of having same daily scheduled subjects, the same classes every day, they have different schedules for different subjects Monday through Friday.

I still remember the classes I took in eighth grade: Chinese, math, English, physics, political science, geography, biology, PE, computer science, music, and art.

As I reminisce about student life, I see differences in teenage lives.  There are lots of things that Chinese students are not allowed to do until they graduate from high schools. For example, they are not allowed to wear any makeup or jewelry; they are not allowed to wear high heels; they are not allowed to dye or perm their hair, and boys are not allowed to have long hair. In my Chinese middle school, girls were not even allowed to put their hair down.

Also, dating is strongly discouraged among young adults. Generally, teachers and guardians in China think that dating is bad for teens because dating distracts teens from studying, and they are afraid of teens doing something that they can’t take responsibility for.

Anyway, people were so nice and friendly in my Chinese schools, and I cherish the memory of the days there.

Hour Change

Do you like the hour change?

I certainly don’t. Because if the time changes by one hour, we all have to wake up an hour earlier and it is a hardship. I wake up at 7:00, and before the hour change, I would just wake up, take a shower, and get ready for school. But now I don’t even want to get out of bed because I am missing an hour of sleep. The reason why the hour changes twice a year is to have more sunlight.

If you notice in the winter, the sun begins to set earlier until the winter solstice. After the solstice, the sun slowly begins to set at a much later time.  As we approach the summer solstice, we reach the maximum amount of possible daylight or length of day.

What do you think of daylight-saving time?


Thoughts on Daredevil Season 2

Daredevil S2With the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanding beyond the silver screen into the small screen, several characters have made their debut. One of these characters is Matt Murdock, a.k.a Daredevil. He is the star of his own show which had a fantastic first season. Now, Daredevil is on his way to having a second season. From what the trailers have shown, it appears that more characters like The Punisher  and Elektra will be joining the universe.

After watching the whole first season of Daredevil, I was excited to hear that a second season was in the works. But after watching the first trailer, some concerns popped in my head. One of the concerns I had was that the show could struggle with trying to develop two characters simultaneously: Elektra and Punisher. The reason for this is because I believe the show is rushing these two characters in, and therefore, could struggle trying to balance their appearances with the already established cast. Although it might be interesting to see Daredevil’s viewpoint on the apparent registration of superheroes. I am also concerned how this season will tie in with the upcoming movie, Captain America Civil War. The reason for this is with the established superhero community already on the verge of splitting in two. It could be confusing  on when the season takes place in unison with the events in Civil War. Also, it might present continuity issues that could go against with what is happening on the big screen. Despite my concerns, the second season of Daredevil is looking to surpass the first season, and I’m personally looking forward to it.

  • Credit for the poster goes to Marvel Studios


If you haven’t already been notified, Beyoncé is blessing us San Diegans on May 12th at Qualcom Stadium. This is the first time since 2007 that Queen Bey has performed in America’s Finest City causing this concert to be a must-go to! Sadly, ticket for seats up-close can run up to $1000+, but if you’re still interested in going, be sure to purchase your tickets soon while the more affordable seats are still available.

She always puts on an amazing show, so like expected, this concert will be breathtaking! Since who doesn’t love Mrs. Carter?


Komet Football Attention!

Attention Kearny students!

Any Kearny student that may plan on playing football next year or even thinking  about it. Here is your chance! There is a football meeting to discuss the upcoming season.

When: March 17,2016

Where: Little Theater

Time: Lunch

Text Coach Gray confirming your attendance!


About the time the sun came out

This Monday’s downpour caught many students by surprise. This was the second of two severe storms that Kearny has experienced: the first causing some rooms to flood and trees to be knocked over or cut down. Some students were caught off guard forgetting to bring an extra change of dry clothing, an umbrella, or a rain poncho. But who knew? We did know. We were warned, but we forget living in such a beautiful climate.

JROTC Archery News

Kearny JROTC Archers brought home two bronze medals and one 4th place medal (all of them individual awards), and we brought home a 4th place medal for the Team format at the Olympic Archery in Schools (OAS) City Tournament held at the Olympic Training Center this past Saturday.

Please congratulate the following individuals for their achievements this past weekend.  It is worth noting that several of  the coaches, and the OAS director, commented on how much they had improved from last season and they were very impressed with our Archers.

Lily Bell – 3rd place  Bronze Medal  overall ranking format
Asia Dunbar – 3rd place Bronze medal for Singles Format
Melissa Osorio – 4th place medal for singles format

Team Medal 4th place
Andrew Lindbeck
Mikaila Lane
Logan Voegele

JV Ranking format
1st place Tharit Mungphangklang
3rd place Christopher Flannery

Boys Volleyball vs Point Loma

Everyone is in position, the server…ready to serve the ball. As the referee blows the whistle notifying the players, it’s game time.

Today, both the JV and the Varsity Teams have a home game against Point Loma Pointers.

Date & time: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 – 3:30 PM

Location: Kearny High School (Basketball Gym)

Good luck to both Kearny JV and Varsity Volleyball Team!

Kearny Weather


Kearny Softball Field

Kearny Softball Field

Today is March 15, 2016, and the weather is amazing today. It is sunny and according to Google.com the temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and rain is no longer forecasted for the remainder this week.

  • Precipitation: 0%
  • Humidity: 63%
  • Wind: 10 mph.


Game Time JV and Varsity Baseball

Heads up! Come out and support Kearny JV Baseball Team as they play today against Southwest High School Raiders.

Date & time: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 – 3:30 PM

Location: 1685 Hollister St, San Diego, CA 92154    (Southwest High School)

Don’t forget about Kearny Varsity Baseball Team! As they play today against Southwest High School Raiders. This is a home game! Come out after school to cheer them on!

Date & time: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 – 3:30 PM

Location: Kearny High School on the baseball field

Good luck to JV and Varsity!


Kearny High School Softball


Everyone is in position. Knees bent, eyes following every movement of the softball. Their gloved hand ready to catch. Then all of the sudden, you hear the bat connect with the softball. The outfielders start backing up, as the girls in the infield ready themselves to catch the softball. You can hear the girls from Kearny High School Softball communicating as a team in order to win the game.

Softball season has started! Get your school spirit on; go out and support the softball girls.  You may have friends who may be playing.

Congratulations to the girls who made it on the varsity team:

Eleanor Bowyer, Shawna Carpinelli,  Julissa Estrada, Nina Ewert, Esmeralda Gonzalez, Brianna Ignacio, Dominick Lyles, Ravin Martin, Jonessa O Campo, Gianna Orozco, Grace Short, Gisselle Thirakul, Lauryn Thompson.

And a congratulations for the girls who made it on the JV team:

Eliza Baltazar, Alma Cazares, Denessa Cazares, Cree Davis, Stephanie Flores, Jennell Garland, Juaniece Hernandez, Juliet Lara-Garcia, Alexis Lauson, Anissa Marin, Alissa Mayorga, Malia Nicholson, Maliyah Pittman, Kyra Rall, Anya Schultz, Jayleen Tovar, Allison Watson, Tariah Wells, Angelina Yonsavin.

Keep yourself updated with the times and locations where the games will take place. If you see any of the girls, make sure to give them a high five!

Congratulations to the softball girls once again. Have fun and good luck!

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