IMIN Leadership Conference 3/9/16

On the ninth of March, Kearnys IMIN Leadership Team, of which I am a member, attended a conference at the University of California San Diego about social justice. For these conferences, various schools send students to learn about topics like leadership and teamwork. Schools attending this conference were the following: Kearny, Madison, San Diego, SCPA, and many more. Student speakers are sometimes asked to come and deliver a speech about the topic being discussed at the event. For this conference three students from Point Loma High School came to talk about social justice and what that means to us as the next generation. In this conference in particular, students received the opportunity to speak to social justice specialists that contribute to society in various different ways. For example, one specialist works with families as a doctor, and if the family can’t afford the bill, she just asks them to pay thirty dollars to make her services affordable. Also, students got a chance to discuss in groups about issues on their school campuses and ways to solve them. Kearny’s team in particular decided to tackle the drug use in high school campuses and have made a plan to help inform Kearny students of the dangers of drug use. At the end of the day, Kearny’s IMIN Leadership Team went home with thoughts for our school’s future and how we as students can help make our school a safe and fun place to be.