UCSD Kyoto Prize Symposium

On March 16, classes from SIB took a field trip to UCSD. We were invited to attend the 2016 Kyoto Laureate Symposium. There was a power point slide that welcomed all high schools. 

2016-03-16 15.53.00

Looking for a New Earth

The principle speaker was Dr. Michel Mayor who found the first exoplanet, a planet beyond our solar system. He lectured on the process of how exoplanets are being discovered.

After the lecture, there was a question and answer period, and then food was served.

Once everyone was done eating, we were allowed to walk around the campus for a little while. By 5:40 everyone had reunited at the Triton statue in front of the Price Center. And sad to say, we had to leave.

  • The crowd

The Difference Between Chinese and American Schools

My Middle School in China

I am an emigrant student from China. I attended schools in China until last year. Schools there are very different from the schools in America.

Chinese high schools last for three years while American ones last for four years. Also, Chinese high school students must lodge on their high school campus on the weekdays, but are allowed to go home on the weekends.

My Chinese middle school started at 7:20 and ended at 5:20 while Kearny starts at 8:40 and ends at 3:30. My classes there, for each period, lasted for 45 minutes while here they last for 90 minutes. The break between classes lasts for ten minutes there. Students in middle school China don’t stay at school during lunch; they go home, eat, and take a nap, then go back to school in the afternoon.

In China, students mostly have all their subjects in the same classroom with the same classmates. However, instead of having same daily scheduled subjects, the same classes every day, they have different schedules for different subjects Monday through Friday.

I still remember the classes I took in eighth grade: Chinese, math, English, physics, political science, geography, biology, PE, computer science, music, and art.

As I reminisce about student life, I see differences in teenage lives.  There are lots of things that Chinese students are not allowed to do until they graduate from high schools. For example, they are not allowed to wear any makeup or jewelry; they are not allowed to wear high heels; they are not allowed to dye or perm their hair, and boys are not allowed to have long hair. In my Chinese middle school, girls were not even allowed to put their hair down.

Also, dating is strongly discouraged among young adults. Generally, teachers and guardians in China think that dating is bad for teens because dating distracts teens from studying, and they are afraid of teens doing something that they can’t take responsibility for.

Anyway, people were so nice and friendly in my Chinese schools, and I cherish the memory of the days there.

Hour Change

Do you like the hour change?

I certainly don’t. Because if the time changes by one hour, we all have to wake up an hour earlier and it is a hardship. I wake up at 7:00, and before the hour change, I would just wake up, take a shower, and get ready for school. But now I don’t even want to get out of bed because I am missing an hour of sleep. The reason why the hour changes twice a year is to have more sunlight.

If you notice in the winter, the sun begins to set earlier until the winter solstice. After the solstice, the sun slowly begins to set at a much later time.  As we approach the summer solstice, we reach the maximum amount of possible daylight or length of day.

What do you think of daylight-saving time?


Thoughts on Daredevil Season 2

Daredevil S2With the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanding beyond the silver screen into the small screen, several characters have made their debut. One of these characters is Matt Murdock, a.k.a Daredevil. He is the star of his own show which had a fantastic first season. Now, Daredevil is on his way to having a second season. From what the trailers have shown, it appears that more characters like The Punisher  and Elektra will be joining the universe.

After watching the whole first season of Daredevil, I was excited to hear that a second season was in the works. But after watching the first trailer, some concerns popped in my head. One of the concerns I had was that the show could struggle with trying to develop two characters simultaneously: Elektra and Punisher. The reason for this is because I believe the show is rushing these two characters in, and therefore, could struggle trying to balance their appearances with the already established cast. Although it might be interesting to see Daredevil’s viewpoint on the apparent registration of superheroes. I am also concerned how this season will tie in with the upcoming movie, Captain America Civil War. The reason for this is with the established superhero community already on the verge of splitting in two. It could be confusing  on when the season takes place in unison with the events in Civil War. Also, it might present continuity issues that could go against with what is happening on the big screen. Despite my concerns, the second season of Daredevil is looking to surpass the first season, and I’m personally looking forward to it.

  • Credit for the poster goes to Marvel Studios