Kearny’s 4 School Basketball Tournament

Kearny High School now has their own small school basketball team. Meaning, each small school (SIB, DMD, SCT, EID) will be competing against each other. Students and teachers are teaming up to represent their small school. These four teams will be competing in a basketball tournament.

When: March 23,2016

Time: 3:30-5:24PM

Where: GYM

Congratulations to SCT for winning the basketball tournament!

Blood Drive

Our wonderful Komets donated their blood to help save lives. Thank you to everyone who came and donated blood. A portion of the blood was donated to seven-month-old Regina, and many more kids who needed it. The donated blood all went out for a good cause. All the students’ blood was tested to see if it was safe.

If students want to donate their blood, they have to be 15 or older with a signed parent or guardian permission slip. If students are 18, they can sign their own.

For a double donation, there are special requirements, such as a specific height and weight for both men and women. Students need to discuss these requirements with a representative from the San Diego Blood Bank when scheduling their appointment.

End of the Quarter Is Coming

Prepare yourself!

The end of the quarter is right around the corner. If any students are falling behind on their class assignments, they should start working harder these next two weeks. The quarter ends the week after we return from spring break.

It is very important that students get their grades up by the end of the quarter—because once the quarter ends—there is no going back. If you have an F, it will remain like that forever.

That is why it is important to have good grades.