Crazy Heat


This week the weather was so crazy. Monday it wasn’t that hot. Tuesday and Wednesday were the hottest days; the temperature rose to around 90 degrees. Today is Thursday morning; we are already at 75 degrees, and it is not even noon.

According to the weather channels, we are having these crazy temperatures because of El Niño. It is predicted that we will not be having any more of these weird-hot-crazy days throughout the weekend and into the next week.

Some Kearny High students are wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts to cope with the heat and fatigue because many of the classrooms do not have air-conditioning. Following the students’ initiative, it can be expected that teachers and staff will seek to stay cool and safe by following the students’ example and start wearing shorts and cooler clothing to combat the heat.

Robot Programming Competition

Listen up Kearny High; the Robot Programming Competition is just around the corner. The Competition will be on May 14th from 9 a.m. to noon. It will be hosted by the College, Career and Technical Educational Department (CCTE) and by Junior Achievement at San Diego Community College. Students who want to participate must find a partner and register together. Also, students are not required to have any programming experience. Before the competition, there will be a brieRobot Programming Competitionf tutorial lesson. Afterwards, prizes handed out, and there will be an optional pizza lunch. So, remember, if you want to participate in the Robot Programming Competition, students must register no later than May 3rd.


Click on this link or the picture to be taken to the registration form.