Seaworld’s Seven Seas Food Festival

Seven SeasJust recently Seaworld has just started its annual Seven Seas Food Festival. The festival allows guests to experience different cultures through sampling different kinds of food from around the world served in certain areas of the park. The kind of food being served at the festival comes from Latin America, Asia, California, Polynesia, France, The Caribbean , and The Mediterranean.

Being a second year employee in Seaworld’s Culinary Operations Department, I prepare and serve food in the Latin American section of the festival. In that section we prepare things like Tacos, Ceviche, Nachos etc. We also offer alcoholic beverages to guests who are over the age of 21.

Also, when working in the festival servers are required to wear a grey chefs coat instead of their normal blue uniform during service hours. Non-Servers can be easily identified by a purple Seven Seas Festival uniform and can be normally found behind a cash register or in front of the facilities directing guests and answering questions about the festival.

Guests can also experience some of our restaurants normal menus at these locations: Fusion Smoothies and Wraps, Flatbread and Fry Cones, Shipwreck Cafe, Mama Stella’s Pizza Kitchen, Pineapple Pete’s Island Eats, and Seaside Coffee & Bakery. The facilities working the Seven Seas Festival are California Flavors, California Gastro Pub, Latin American Flavors, Asian Street, Caribbean Flavors, Mediterranean Flavors, and French Flavors. All of these facilities can be found on a SeaWorld San Diego Park Map.

Normal rides and shows will still be running alongside the festival. Normal closing time for SeaWorld will still be in effect, with the food festival going on until 10 pm.

Enjoy SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival and sample all of their tasty offerings everyday at 11 am.

  • Credit for the picture goes to SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment




Beyoncé In San Diego


Beyoncé came May 12th for the first time since 2007 when she sold out Valley View Casino. Now, Queen Bey has achieved selling out Qualcomm Stadium, home of the Chargers. Her concerts are exciting to many because of her millions of fans that have been waiting for her to return.

Thursday night was an absolutely amazing performance. One student, Paul Bernal, described the concert as amazing and intense. He said you could feel the vibration of all the noise of the fans singing along and “Qualcomm felt like it was shaking.” Another student, Shamari Peek, said “Everybody was dancing and singing the words, and she has such a strong voice, and to hear it in person, it is such a blessing because you can basically feel her influence in the stadium.” I asked if you had to describe the show in one word; she chose the word iconic. She told me “because her speeches were moving and embodied the whole movement of loving yourself and others.”

So just like expected Beyoncé put on a beyond stunning show with a positive message.