3 Things to do this summer


Three things students should do this summer:

Del Mar Fair: Go to one of the most visited fairs in San Diego from June 3rd– July 4th. At the Del Mar Fair students can enjoy their favorite fried foods. Students can go on many rides and spend memorable times with families and friends. Students should take advantage of the opportunities to socialize and experience the San Diego culture, and check out the artist that are coming to perform.

Go to the beach: If students feel the hot summer heat hitting their skin, all they care about is going somewhere refreshing and nice. Well, then go to the beach! San Diego is known for its beaches. Students can go to La Jolla or Pacific Beach and explore our beautiful beaches spending quality time with their family and friends. Students can swim, build sand castles, take pictures, or eat ice cream. Students can also make a bonfire and eat s’mores making summer memorable.

Padres Game: Everyone has there eye on the ball. All of a sudden there is a BOOM! The game has started. The Padres have plenty of summer games coming up.Students can go to Downtown San Diego with a group of friends and enjoy the game. Make sure to check out there schedules, and what theme they may have that day. Students can buy their tickets online or at the stadium, and maybe win a free t-shirt.