2017 National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) California State Champions!

Please congratulate the following students and coaches for winning the 2017 NASP California State Championship Archery Tournament on Saturday in Rocklin, CA.

Richard Nguyen
Eric Mains
Christpher Flannery
Jake Taylor
Ethan Meckler

Melissa Osorio
Logan Voegele
Jonessa Ocampo

Mikaila Lane
Joselin Villegas
Victor De La Vega

Asia Dunbar
Andrew Linbeck

As individual female high school archers Melissa Osorio placed first and Jonessa Ocampo placed third in California.

The team was escorted and coached by 1SG Roy Olson and 1SG Marlon Rice.

Tim Swann
Colonel, US Army Retired
JROTC – Senior Military Instructor


Fuego – Dance – Catching Fire

The Fuego dance team kicked off their club this month and it is catching fire! Students from each of the 4 small schools were thrilled to hear that one of their favorite dance crews “Fuego” would be leading this years dance club. The crew is looking forward to performing at future pep rallies and the IMIN Showdown. Stay tuned for updates on the Fuego dance crew on campus!

Lights On – Small School Game

Football has the super bowl, baseball – the world series, NBA the finals… at Kearny it is all about the small school games. While Kearny functions as one big happy campus on a day to day basis, the small school spirit, colors and claws come out when it comes down to small school competitions. For over a decade, the 4 small schools at Kearny have battled for the title of “Small School Champion” of various sports, each of the small schools having held the title of champion at one time or another.

In coordination with celebrating the national “Lights on After School” day, the Kearny small schools battled it out on the basketball court. In the first game, SCT and EID squared off in a good battle with EID edging SCT out in the final half. In the second matchup, SCC was quite overmatched by the DMD squad who ran away with the second game and earned a spot in the finals to face EID. The final game was set between EID and DMD, and the match did not disappoint. EID put up a good fight, but the power of the DMD players lead to a DMD small school victory. This first small school game of the year was a great success with over 100 students participating and cheering on their small school. DMD looks forward to holding the crown, while the other 3 schools look to steal the title in the next smalls school game.

Stay tuned for small school volleyball next quarter!

The Red Queen Arrives

Back by popular demand, the Kearny theater club has kicked off this years audition for their performance of the Red Queen. Kearny theater was re-inspired last year by DMD teacher Matt McGlenn and the many leaders of the theater group. This year, Mr. McGlenn is teaming up with Theater School of San Diego to offer this unique production. Auditions took place on October 17th and 25th, where over 20 students gave it their all in a solo audition setting.

Though auditions have completed, the theater club is still open to students joining as members at large, and is still looking for stage hand assistance. Once roles are selected this month, and rehearsal begins, students have the unique opportunity to work on their language and script writing skills by editing the script to their personal style and desire. The IMIN team is thrilled to see the theater groups dedication, and the overall experience expand each year. The production of the Red Queen will open in the spring so stay tuned for show dates in the new year. Following the production close, theater group will continue to meet and practice for the IMIN Showdown!

Cooking up Some Magic

Kearny cooking club continues to be a hit on campus week after week, and year after year. Cooking club gives students the chance to expand their food, nutrition and cooking knowledge, and of course eat great food! While eating the food might be the end result of the activity, students recognize the valuable skills and recipes that they learn each week. This month at IMIN cooking club, students blended up healthy fruit & vegetable smoothies, grilled up delicious chicken quesadillas, and created nutritious home made granola mix.

Many students noted that at first – “salad” sounded boring, but that notion ended quickly once they dug into their flavor and protein packed dish. Cooking club and the leadership team will be hosting a Thanksgiving meal for the whole school this November, and everyone is invited. Join the cooking club on Wednesday November 17th, for a fresh cooked meal celebrating the holiday of giving!

Fresh Clubs – Fresh Fun @ IMIN

IMIN and Kearny ASB (aka KSB) teamed up to host the bi-annual club expo this month. Student leaders rallied with their club leaders to promote existing and brand new clubs to the entire Kearny campus. Over 25 IMIN clubs participated at the expo, and students loved the variety of academic, enrichment, and physical activities that were available. Following the club sign ups, many new clubs kicked off on a great note with new and returning students to their programs.

As usual, the Robotics squad showed up in force bringing their award-winning robot to the event. Students got the chance to see the robot in action, and were able to recognize the detail and teamwork that goes into the annual robot build. Like Robotics, a new club kicked off at the expo called “Blue Tech”. Kearny’s Blue Tech club capitalizes on the engineering expertise of our many STEM minded students. Blue Tech focuses on robotic engineering, but what makes it even more unique is the fact that the robot will be  created for underwater use. The Blue Tech participants will be working on designing, building and competing with other schools all under water. Students are very excited to expand their STEM knowledge, and explore the uncharted waters, while building this first of its kind robot at Kearny! Look out for more info regarding Kearny’s Robotics and Blue Tech teams competing locally, and nationally throughout the year.

JROTC Archery News

Kearny JROTC Archers brought home two bronze medals and one 4th place medal (all of them individual awards), and we brought home a 4th place medal for the Team format at the Olympic Archery in Schools (OAS) City Tournament held at the Olympic Training Center this past Saturday.

Please congratulate the following individuals for their achievements this past weekend.  It is worth noting that several of  the coaches, and the OAS director, commented on how much they had improved from last season and they were very impressed with our Archers.

Lily Bell – 3rd place  Bronze Medal  overall ranking format
Asia Dunbar – 3rd place Bronze medal for Singles Format
Melissa Osorio – 4th place medal for singles format

Team Medal 4th place
Andrew Lindbeck
Mikaila Lane
Logan Voegele

JV Ranking format
1st place Tharit Mungphangklang
3rd place Christopher Flannery

Kearny Archery Team Wins Again

The Kearny NASP Archery Team after winning the San Diego tournament, placed second in California this year. Of particular note are the number of archers that placed in the top ten as individual shooters from across the state. The top two female archers in California this year both attend Kearny High!

Girls High School Division in California.

#1 – Melissa Osorio – DMD
#2 – Lily Bell – EID
#10 – Mikaila Lane – SCT

Boys High School Division

#4 – Eric Mains – EID
#4 – Tharit Mungfangklang – SIB
#6 – Andrew Lindbeck – SIB

Please congratulate our Archery Coach SFC Poynter and all of the fine archers for a great season. We know transition into Olympic Archery and begin competing at the Olympic Training Center.

DMD Pure Water Facility field trip

  • Kearny and Madison students visit the San Diego Water Department's water reclamation facility in Mira Mesa in February.

KHS Archery Program wins third Championship

The Kearny JROTC National Archery in the School Program under the coaching of SFC Dallas Poynter won their third School District Championship on Saturday February 20th at Lincoln High School. Please congratulate the following cadets:

Michael Osorio
Eric Mains
Tharit Mungphangklang
Asia Dunbar
Melissa Osorio
Lily Bell
Mikaila Lane
Jonessa Ocampo
Andrew Lindbeck
Christopher Flannery

Kearny also took all three individual archery medals again as well for the second year in a row.

Gold Medal Lily Bell with a score of 276
Silver Medal Asia Dunbar with a score of 274
Bronze Medal Mikaila Lane with a score of 268

Go Komets!

The Tree

On the unbeaten path, a tree blooms. It does not offer much shade for students, but the constant flowering serves as the impetus reminding students that their lives are in full bloom. While embedded in the lucky green clover of schooling, they are surrounded by a random scattering of patrolling dandelion stems with blown wishes swirling in the wind: a reminder that the simple decisions being made now are adding up—creating possible fates and futures.

  • Do you see me?