Robot Programming Competition

Listen up Kearny High; the Robot Programming Competition is just around the corner. The Competition will be on May 14th from 9 a.m. to noon. It will be hosted by the College, Career and Technical Educational Department (CCTE) and by Junior Achievement at San Diego Community College. Students who want to participate must find a partner and register together. Also, students are not required to have any programming experience. Before the competition, there will be a brieRobot Programming Competitionf tutorial lesson. Afterwards, prizes handed out, and there will be an optional pizza lunch. So, remember, if you want to participate in the Robot Programming Competition, students must register no later than May 3rd.


Click on this link or the picture to be taken to the registration form.




The anticipation for summer fun begins in spring. Here are some fun things to look forward to this month. Starting April 18th, Spirit Week starts with Hollywood Monday, followed by Hippy Tuesday, Chillin-on-the Beach Wednesday, and Tacky Tourist Thursday, and ending with Floral Friday on the 22nd.

That Friday is also the pep rally for spring sports. Get ready to support all your Komets by attending and participating at our last pep rally for sports. Also, April 20th is an early exit day, so be prepared for a fun week!

Canyon Clean Up Day

A Clean Canyon

A Clean Canyon

Mesa College is hosting Canyon Day. This will be on Saturday, April 16, 2016. Canyon Day is when the community gathers to clean up Tecolote Canyon Nature Trail. Volunteers will be meeting up at Mesa College parking lot #1 at 8:30 A.M. Volunteers will have to register for your participation hours. Before cleaning, Park Ranger Janice Labellee will speak to everyone regarding safety around 9:00 A.M. Then, volunteers will start cleaning the canyon at 9:15 A.M. At noon, volunteers will break for lunch, and they will be presented with a cleaning certificate.

If a volunteer is under the age of 18, a signed waiver will be needed. If volunteer has a waiver, they don’t need to be accompanied by a guardian. Don’t forget to bring gloves. You should wear clothes that may be worn out.

If volunteer would like to be a team leader, they will have to call or email Janice Lavallee.

PHONE NUMBER:(858)582-9961

Empty Lot

Do you ever wonder what they are going to build on the empty lot on the north side of the school? As I pass by the empty lot, I wonder whether they will build more apartments, a house, or a type of commerce like a 7-11. 

  • Walking across the street

There was a time when Lupe’s, Starbucks and the Subway right across the street did not exist. There was a Mexican restaurant named Carmen’s Mexican Food. Before Carmen’s, there was a Carl’s Jr. that moved to Convoy Street.

In a few years that I’m in high school–and if they have not built anything–I want to return just to see if my guess was correct.

Sea World Stops Breeding Orcas?

Sea World announced Thursday it is ending its killer whale breeding program, a move comes after mounting public criticism and slumping park attendance over the past several years. The San Diego marine park will be the first to see the changes next year, followed by San Antonio, and then Orlando in 2019. Across the three  U.S. parks, there are 23 orcas, ranging in age from 1 to 51.

The company already agreed not to bring in any more cetaceans, meaning that the current existing orcas in park represent Sea World’s last generation of killer whales.

But given their life spans—50 years or more—the orcas will mostly likely be a presence at the parks for decades to come.

  •   Credit for the information goes to the following: Weisberg, Lori. “Sea World to Stop Breeding Orcas.” The San Diego Union Tribune, Friday 18 March  2016, Front Page.

UCSD Kyoto Prize Symposium

On March 16, classes from SIB took a field trip to UCSD. We were invited to attend the 2016 Kyoto Laureate Symposium. There was a power point slide that welcomed all high schools. 

2016-03-16 15.53.00

Looking for a New Earth

The principle speaker was Dr. Michel Mayor who found the first exoplanet, a planet beyond our solar system. He lectured on the process of how exoplanets are being discovered.

After the lecture, there was a question and answer period, and then food was served.

Once everyone was done eating, we were allowed to walk around the campus for a little while. By 5:40 everyone had reunited at the Triton statue in front of the Price Center. And sad to say, we had to leave.

  • The crowd

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