The Differences between Popular Sports in China and America

IMG_0043[1]Generally, the popular sports that Chinese teens play are different from Americans.

The main sports that Chinese teens play at schools are badminton, table tennis, rope skipping, and basketball. In the U.S.A. teens also play basketball, while also playing football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, kickball, and tennis.

Chinese middle school is from seventh to ninth grade, and the Chinese students take their physical education (P.E.) exams in the ninth grade. This exam is like the FitnessGram here, but they have different items, such as long-distance running, standing long jump, rope skipping, and shot-put. This exam is very important for Chinese middle-schoolers because it is one of the cumulative entrance examinations for the best high schools. If students score poorly on the physical examinations, it will lower their academic grades, and the students are not be able to attend the prestigious high schools, which could affect their livelihood.

My favorite sport is badminton. I used to play it weekly, and I was good at it. But since badminton is not really a popular sport in America, I haven’t practiced for a long time.

I have just learned how to play kickball last week. At first, I did not want to try because the rules sounded complicated, and I was afraid of making mistakes, but Sergeant Poynter told me that I would never learn how to do something unless I tried it. So eventually, I tried. I liked it. I found out kickball was so enjoyable because it is not a serious sport, and it is played for entertainment. So now it is one of my favorite sports.

The Woman

20160613_113153Hillary Clinton breaks the glass ceiling and makes history as first woman to be a major-party presidential nominee. Almost 100 years after women received the right to vote with the passing 19th Amendment, Democratic citizens have come together and have nominated her as the Democratic Party leader.

Sadly of all the Republicans out there, the Republican Party has chosen a trash talking Trump.

Our student poll shows that Hillary is the Kearny High School students’ choice for president.

I would have liked for Bernie to have won California, but since it looks like he is out, I hope Bernie continues to use his platform to put Donald in his place.

The Death Of A legend


Cassius Marcellus Clay, also known as Muhammad Ali, was born on January 17, 1942 and died last week on June 3 2016 at the age of 74. He was a strong boxer and activist. Actually, he was the world’s greatest boxer. Ali was an Olympic Gold Medalist, a 3 time lineal heavyweight champion, and received the Presidential Citizens Medal, and he also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

His life affected millions.

We will miss him.

Muhammad Ali was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. At the age of 12 he began training as a amateur boxer. At the age of 18 he won a gold medal in the light heavyweight division, in 1960 at the Summer Olympics in Rome. Also in 1960, he converted to Islam. In 1964 he changed his name legally from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali because he said that it was he slave name.


Ali was married to Lonnie and had 9 children. His daughter, Laila Ali, was also a boxer. Ali was the greatest heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Ali fought 61 fights and lost only 5. One of Muhammad’s famous quotes is “I know where I’m going and I know the truth, and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. I’m free to be what I want.”

This quote has been an inspiration to me because everyone is always trying to change because of someone else. Rather than change like a flipflopping fish out of the water, people should discover who they are, and what they really believe in, while being proud of their heritage, their identity, and beliefs, and if they do need to change, change becoming a better person.

Muhammad was famous for many things not only boxing. He lived a long good life. Rest In Power, Champ: We’ll remember to “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!”

San Diego Zoo

Last Thursday, May 26th, The School of International Business (SIB) and Digital Media Design (DMD) went to the San Diego Zoo. We left campus at about 9:40, and we arrived at the Zoo at about 10:00. At 11:45 we had to meet up again by the buses.

  • Panda panda panda panda!

My friend Ulises, Victor, Adalberto, and I grouped up, and we got lost for a while enjoying the park while exploring. When we asked a zoo-staff member where we were–and where we could find the pandas because Victor promised his little cousin he would take a picture of the pandas, the elephants, and the tigers–the lady zoo-staff guided us towards them and gave us a friendly map. Finally, We were able to fulfill Victor’s promise.

We were also entertained and excited by the fact that we saw a cheetah, elephants, tigers, monkeys, kangaroos, etc. that we did not realize what time it was. So, we started walking towards the exit at 11:30, we didn’t make it on time but we got there safe and sound.

Memorial Weekend In 2016

Over this Memorial Weekend, it seemed all of social media payed their respect to all those who sacrificed their lives in defending our country by posting, tweeting, and snapping about how grateful we are for those who served. The holiday is important to many for, over the centuries, many Americans have lost their lives and have lost loved ones in defense of our freedom and liberties.

Although this weekend it was pointed out how this holiday off from school and work is being used as a time for mindlessly partying, getting drunk, and have a fun time. People are ignoring the actual purpose and meaning of this honorable holiday. Some on social media were upset about how Memorial Day is marketed to sell alcohol, bonfire and party materials, even sell furniture and cars with Memorial Day sales, and to announce the “start of summer.”  It’s completely understandable that this holiday is being used as a national party day and causes some disappointment to many.

And remarkably, it was also pointed out how the Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo, is “celebrated” by hundreds and thousands of Americans who can not tell you the meaning of the holiday. Cinco de Mayo is similarly alike to Memorial Day, where this day is to celebrate the Battle of Puebla which was an unlikely victory and triumph against the French. It’s often confused with Mexican Independence Day even by people who celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Here, in the U.S., it looks like Cinco de Mayo is almost celebrated by everyone but Mexicans, so as Americans have adopted this holiday they have also turned it into a day to wear fake mustaches and sombreros then go out to bars and partying like there is no tomorrow. There is no real celebrating of the history of Cinco de Mayo, but that doesn’t seem to upset many, unlike how people are upset about how Memorial Day is being milked. 2 journalism

Teens Dating in China

Teens dating is different in China than in America.

In general, teens in China are not allowed to date until they graduate from high schools. Parents and teachers in China discourage teens from dating because they think dating would distract teens from studying. Especially in high school; dating is rarely tolerated because of China’s college entrance examination is so excruciating deciding what college students will enroll and their possible future.

However, that doesn’t mean all teens don’t date in China. There are a few teens dating secretly. They try not to let their relationships to be known by their parents and teachers so that they would not be persuaded to break up. That’s what makes it so hard to date for Chinese teens. But a lot of their relationships are still sweet and intense anyway.

By the way, today is considered one of the Chinese Valentine’s days, because “May 20th” sounds like “I love you” in Chinese. All shall be well, and Jack shall have Jill.

Chinese Cram Schools

imagesOn weekends, most of teenagers like to hang out with friends, play sports, go shopping, go to the movies, etc. Chinese teenagers also like hanging out with friends and doing various fun activities with their friends, but many of them don’t have time to do so.

Cram school has been a trend in China for many years. Cram schools teach somethings harder than regular schools and certain types of problems that might be on tests. In order to improve children’s grades, many parents force their children to take cram classes every weekend.

I had taken cram classes since I was in first grade. In America, cram classes like SAT and ACT test-preps do not start until high school. Imagine starting in the first grade. I used to spend a whole day at cram schools because I had so many cram classes to take. Usually my cram classes were small, so the instructors really cared about everyone in the classes. But sometimes, it was a lengthy time to concentrate after taking several classes. I felt my eyelids getting heavier… and heavier…and I tried to keep my mind clear as best I could. But somehow once the bell rang and the cram classes were over, I was just not sleepy anymore.

However, it is undeniable that the cram schools did help a lot with my grades.

The Piñata


Bursting them open with a mighty whack is not the only fun piñatas provide, making them is also fun. My cousin would always be making piñatas, and he showed and taught me how to make them; they are pretty easy to make.

I’m sure that most of the students here at Kearny have broken a piñata–at least once–and if they haven’t, they should.

You are never too old to break a piñata.

The Differences Between Chinese And American Homes

mmexport1462901347114-1China’s land mass is right after America’s in the world ranking, but China has a large population of more than thirteen hundred million, which is about four times larger than America’s. Even though China is the fourth country by total area in the world, it has a problem of land-resource shortage.

Almost all of the Chinese residences are high buildings or skyscrapers and with mansions that have more than six stories.

I used to live on the 11th floor in a 24-story building in China, so basically, I had to take the lift to the ground floor everyday. It took a long time to wait for the lifts when it was a weekday because many people had to work or went to schools in the morning, and the capacity of the lift is only 11 people. Sometimes we had no electricity, so the lifts didn’t work. Even though the problem would be dealt with within a few hours, a lot of people who were hurried to go out had to use the stairs and the emergency exit that only had candles for lighting. Some people would use flashlights to help others illuminate the way.

When I came to America, I found that I liked the residences here better because many are usually less than a 3-story building. Now, I only spend a few moments getting out of my residence. I like it more than my old Chinese residence because even though the building was bigger, the square footage of our living area was smaller.

However, I miss my country right now because I haven’t been back there for almost one year.


Chopsticks are just two small sticks, but some people can use them to eat all kinds of food. Do you think that is incredible? The picture at the top right corner shows you how to use chopsticks.

Most of Chinese people use chopsticks while American people use spoons, forks and knives.

When I was little, I thought chopsticks were hard to use. I used to use spoons until I went to elementary school. My mom said that it was unusual that as a Chinese I could not use chopsticks. So she started making me use chopsticks from then on.

My mom told me that the way to hold chopsticks was basically like the way to hold a pencil. But I could not even use a pencil properly when I was in first grade, not to mention a pair of chopsticks. That meant I had to hold two pencils simultaneously. Traditional Asian food is usually cut into tiny pieces so it would cook faster, but that also makes it hard to clip or grasp those small food pieces using chopsticks.

After a long time of practice, I finally found out how to use chopsticks. It is undeniable that chopsticks are the best eating utensils for most of Asian food like noodles, dumplings, wontons, sushi, sashimi, and even some American foods. Basically you can use chopsticks to eat all kinds of Asian foods, except soup and porridge.

But I have to say that I can hardly use forks and knives at the same time. I feel belabored when I try to cut the food that is too big in size. Fortunately schools here provide spoons for meals. Since I have been using spoons since I was a little kid, I feel comfortable eating with them at school.

I hope I can figure out how to feel comfortable using forks and knives one day. I want to learn to use all these main world eating utensils: Chinese and American. That sounds skillful, doesn’t it?

The Chinese Zodiac Story

The Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese zodiac, also known as Sheng Xiao, is based on a twelve-year cycle. Each cycle year is represented by an animal. These animals are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and the Pig.

And there are many myths of these animals.
Here is one. Long-long ago, the Jade Emperor decided to pick from all the animals, and he chose the first twelve animals to appear at his birthday banquet. These first 12 are known as the Chinese Zodiac Animals.

The story goes that the Cat and Rat were best friends at that time. Cat liked sleeping, but it wanted to be picked, so it asked Rat to wake it up early. On the day of the banquet, Rat woke up early in the morning and left for the banquet, but it forgot to wake Cat up. Rat saw Ox on the way. Since Ox was much faster than Rat, Rat jumped on its back secretly. When Ox was almost there, Rat jumped down and got to the terminal point first. So Ox was second. Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig came to the banquet one after one and were the next ten. Cat finally woke up and came, but unfortunately, it was the thirteenth. So Cat couldn’t be included in the Chinese zodiac and thus began the antipathy between cats and rats.

The Difference Between Chinese and American Schools

My Middle School in China

I am an emigrant student from China. I attended schools in China until last year. Schools there are very different from the schools in America.

Chinese high schools last for three years while American ones last for four years. Also, Chinese high school students must lodge on their high school campus on the weekdays, but are allowed to go home on the weekends.

My Chinese middle school started at 7:20 and ended at 5:20 while Kearny starts at 8:40 and ends at 3:30. My classes there, for each period, lasted for 45 minutes while here they last for 90 minutes. The break between classes lasts for ten minutes there. Students in middle school China don’t stay at school during lunch; they go home, eat, and take a nap, then go back to school in the afternoon.

In China, students mostly have all their subjects in the same classroom with the same classmates. However, instead of having same daily scheduled subjects, the same classes every day, they have different schedules for different subjects Monday through Friday.

I still remember the classes I took in eighth grade: Chinese, math, English, physics, political science, geography, biology, PE, computer science, music, and art.

As I reminisce about student life, I see differences in teenage lives.  There are lots of things that Chinese students are not allowed to do until they graduate from high schools. For example, they are not allowed to wear any makeup or jewelry; they are not allowed to wear high heels; they are not allowed to dye or perm their hair, and boys are not allowed to have long hair. In my Chinese middle school, girls were not even allowed to put their hair down.

Also, dating is strongly discouraged among young adults. Generally, teachers and guardians in China think that dating is bad for teens because dating distracts teens from studying, and they are afraid of teens doing something that they can’t take responsibility for.

Anyway, people were so nice and friendly in my Chinese schools, and I cherish the memory of the days there.