Choosing the Right College

After reading the Lancer Link article on choosing a college with the best fit, here is a quick summary.

Choosing the right college can be overwhelming like being in a chaotic rush hour traffic with bad drivers. Students will often become anxious and excited due to all of the majors, minors, and classes. Many students worry about the academic options at colleges. But students shouldn’t accept a college just because of the programs. The college/university that you choose will become your home for 4 years. The choice of college can become an investment in happiness. But don’t worry, here are some tips to help students choose the right college.

  1. Plan a College Visit: This may require extensive time and effort, but it will help students acquire information regarding their choices in college.
  2. Location: Pick somewhere enjoyable that promotes studying.
  3. Involvement: It is the key to success in the real world. Student organizations allows for active involvement; it provides a sense of belonging, opportunity to meet new people, and the camaraderie of working towards shared or personal goals.

Choosing a college may seem overwhelming at first, but if students break it down and stay informed, students will be able to cruise through the doors of their dream college.

For further information, click on this Lancer Link article.

My High School Life

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As the dawn of a new journey appears on the horizon, I want to take this time to talk about my experiences during my freshmen, sophomore, and junior years of high school.

Starting in freshmen year, I came in not knowing anybody because everyone around me came from Taft Middle School, and I came from Correia Junior High School. Despite my attempts to make friends with all the other freshmen, I found it hard to fit in. Eventually though, I found a friend in Joey Nguyen, whom I met in my fourth period freshmen English class. Even though I slowly started to make friends at Kearny, I found that I became a target for bullying.

Oftentimes, I would find myself sitting in Mr. Sanchez’s office talking about how hard it was for me to like Kearny. Sometimes, I would cry in his office because of how much I missed my old friends and how often I was being picked on by the other students. The combination of all this, made me want to leave Kearny and attend Point Loma High School. But with kind words of encouragement from both my parents and Mr. Sanchez, I stayed.

Freshmen year was one of the toughest experiences of my life and to this day I look back at it and laugh at how different I was back then compared to how I am now.

Coming back for my sophomore year was a difficult choice for me. On one hand, my experiences with bullying my freshmen year made me afraid to come back, and on the other hand, I had already became close friends with so many people that it didn’t matter if I was going to be bullied or not. Because of my friends, I chose to come back, and that decision helped shape me into the person that I am today.

My sophomore year was the turning point because, I decided to go out for wrestling. I found that the even though it was difficult, I was able to enjoy myself and found a way to fit in. Despite my many losses at the start of the year, I persevered. Through all the criticisms from my fellow students and the struggles of trying to keep up with the skill level of all my teammates, I had fun, and developed confidence that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Junior year is where I really started to open up to people beginning when I met my friend Enrique Sosa in our political science class. Enrique served as a gateway that allowed me to meet many new people that eventually became my close friends. A group of us decided to band together and establish our own group on campus known as the Geek Squad. We met everyday at the IMIN Student Center on campus, and we all bonded together as more than friends: We became a family.

Wrestling in my junior year was an improvement over my sophomore year. Thankfully, with maturity and age my skill and strength increased earning me the respect of fellow athletes and my new teammates. Like the year before, I still lost a lot of my matches, but I balanced it out by winning more often. Although I didn’t make it to CIF due to a head injury that I suffered from near the end of the season, my continued experience with wrestling set me up for my third and final successful season as a senior.

All my hard work has paid off; everything has worked out; I am more than ready to graduate from Kearny; I’ll attend California State University Los Angeles and major in computer science with a minor in acting.  I am excited. Currently, I am in my second year of employment with SeaWorld, which I plan to continue for two more months while finishing off my last childhood summer in San Diego before moving to Los Angeles.

My advice to all my underclassmen and upcoming freshmen is to never give up when things look bleak and to always move forward and learn from your past experiences.

Wish all your seniors luck in this next chapter of our lives and always remember to smile!



Seniors…graduation is so close! We are almost out of school. Graduation rehearsals will be on June 20th which is next Monday. The rehearsal will take place in the gym. Seniors will not need to report to first period; just be at the gym at 9 a.m. But before rehearsals, seniors will be served a free breakfast.

I’m glad that after rehearsals we don’t have to attend to any classes or take any finals like the freshmen, sophomores, or juniors.

Graduation is on June 21st: no balloons, confetti, air horns, or glitter will be allowed on the football field. Seniors are not allowed to wear spiked high heel shoes for graduation.

2016 Graduation

Sadly, graduation is for seniors only, as they receive their diplomas leaving their younger friends…behind. But enthusiastically, our early grad seniors flock back for the grand ceremony, diplomas, and celebrations.

There are so many ceremonies throughout San Diego county this time of year—and just like the spring scattering of purple Jacaranda blossoms—the thrown-graduations caps will joyfully drift downwards announcing the end of our seniors’ youthful spring, as they commence the summer of their adult lives. Congratulations to all the seniors for their hard work during their four lengthy years of high school.

Kearny high schools graduation is on the Summer Solstice: the last day of school: June 21st. The ceremony begins at 5:00, and there is not an official set ending time.

Congrats to all the seniors who made it to the end and plan on carrying their educational journey into college.

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Senior Year Retrospect

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The time has come…for seniors to start thinking about the beginnings of a new journey: college, the work force, or their next…unsure or possible steps—leaving  high school, leaving childhood—and entering into the next chapter of their lives.

As with everyone else leaving this year, I have experienced many things that I wish to share.

As a senior, this year has been quite an experience. It feels weird that this year is ending so quickly. From the very beginning of the year, I felt that everything has changed so drastically since my freshman year. Every senior has matured so much since we first arrived. And as seniors, everyone has expectations that we are ready to be on our own becoming fully fledged members of society. Some of us will even vote today.

The winter season was especially difficult seeing almost all of my senior friends leaving as early grads and only a couple of us stayed behind. Difficult choices. Seeing our friends moving on. I chose to remain so I could wrestle.

This years wrestling season was challenging as expectations were raised for returning wrestlers from last year. For half the season waiting for a team captain to be chosen, I led the team by conducting our daily stretches and warm-ups. Finally, a captain was chosen by the coaches near the end of the season.

Despite the challenges, this year of wrestling was the most exhilarating as my desire grew challenging stronger opponents and never deterring from my goal to become the best. At the end of the season, though I wasn’t the best, I was satisfied. I fulfilled my high school wrestling dream. Now I have the opportunity to continue wrestling in college.

After wrestling season was over the greatest challenge awaited: The wait…for graduation. Despite my initial boredom, I slowly began to have fun as a Teacher’s Assistant for first period, the editor-in-chief of the Kearny Galaxy for second period, and a student lead for the Komet Korner in third period. These experiences helped make surviving the last semester of high school tolerable and allowed me to meet and help underclassmen with schoolwork or life in general.

This year has been a blast.

I will sorely miss everyone that I have met and all the teachers that helped me through the years. I will miss the wrestling team. Wrestling has inspired me to push myself to become stronger and has instilled in me a new confidence. But the people I will miss the most is a group of friends that are very special to me—the Geek Squad. They have stuck with me since my junior year becoming my second family.

With two weeks left of school, I look forward to what the future holds for me and my friends.


Grad Nite


Kearny PTSA Grad Nite 2016 is on Friday, May 27th through Saturday, May 28th at  Six Flags Magic Mountain. Grad Nite will be from 5:00 p.m on Friday until 8:00 a.m. on Saturday. Students need to turn in a parents approval and student waiver.

Grad Nite tickets will be sold for $150. It is a premium package that includes Grad Nite admission, a 2016 Grad Nite Glow Souvenir, a free Hurricane Arbor return ticket, an early admission into pre-party, an exclusive all-you-can-eat meal, and the exclusive access pass to the rides Full Throttle, X2, Goliath, Superman, and more.

Seniors will use a charter bus to transport them to and from the amusement park. It is going to be the most extreme Grad Nite party on the planet.

For tickets and more information, please contact PTSA-Paul.LkeATT.Net.