Music Helps With Homework


Homework, the one thing we students get almost every day, and the one thing teachers expect us to do. After observing my classes for a while, I noticed that a lot of the students didn’t have their homework completed. There are many reasons to why students don’t complete their homework. Some of those reasons are procrastination, distraction, and not being able to concentrate. Are there any solutions? Sure, that’s easy; you can go to a quiet place with not as many distractions: your room, the library, a secluded place. Also, studies from the University of Dayton and from the University of Wales shows that listening to music can help you study. The studies show that listening to your favorite types of music only helps a little, but can also decrease your performance. The study from the University of Dayton shows that listening to classical music can increase your performance more than other types of music. So if you ever need a little concentration boost, remember, music and a quiet place is the key.