Are You Healthy?

What 5 ponds of fat looks and feels like.

What 5 pounds of fat looks like.

Your health is very important. If you want to know if you’re healthy then just check your B.M.I, or you can take the Fitness gram. According to Coach Ahwazi, the Fitness Gram is a California State Test which consists of passing 5 out of 6 fitness tests to see if a student is healthy. If you’re wondering if you have to take the test, the answer is yes; it’s a California State Law.

Pass to P.E. to take the test.

Pass to P.E. to take the test.

The first test in the Fitness gram is the B.M.I which stands for, “Body Mass Index”. The B.M.I is basically just to see if you’re underweight, healthy, overweight, or obese by measuring your height and weight ratio. The majority of the kids pass the Fitness gram. The ones who fail the Fitness gram are usually the kids that are slightly overweight or have more body fat than muscle. Since the B.M.I is one of the more important tests—and if a student fails it—basically, they will fail the whole thing, Although they might fail the BMI, the student still has a small chance of passing the Fitness gram. Coach Ahwazi thinks that the Fitness is outdated making students do unnecessary things. Regardless, the students still have to take the Fitness gram that serves as a yearly reminder of the importance of exercise and nutrition.