The Importance of Sleep

Sleep plays an important role in your physical health. For example, sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels.  During sleep, important body functions and brain activity occur. Teens need about 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night to function best. Lack of sleep can make it hard to get along with your family and friends, limit your ability to learn, hurt your scores on school exams, on the court or on the field, and you may even forget important information like names, numbers, your homework or a date with a special person in your life. You can look bad, you may feel moody, and you perform poorly.

Kearny starts school at 8:45 in the morning while most of high schools in San Diego start school at approximately 7:30. Kearny’s schedule has been changed to nearly match with a teens’ biological clock in order to help them get a sufficient amount of sleep. It is obvious that teens do better if they start school later; it is easier to listen, learn, concentrate, and solve problems in class, do well on a test, and play sports without stumbling.

If you have trouble sleeping, here’s some advice:

  1. Calming Your Mind
  2. Relaxing Your Body
  3. Eating and Drinking Your Way to Better Sleep