Jerichos Thoughts On: The Second Captain America Civil War Trailer

Captain_America_Civil_War_posterMarvel fans assemble! The new Captain America Civil War Trailer was just recently released and it is fantastic. As most Marvel fans know, Civil War is the beginning of Phase 3 for the Marvel Cinematic Universe leading up all the way to The Avengers: Infinity War. As already shown in the previous trailer, the premise of Civil War is that the world’s governments want there to be some form of control over the Avengers. Captain America, of course, disagrees with this, and in the trailer it shows him and fellow hero, Tony Stark: a.k.a Iron Man, having opposing opinions which soon leads to violence. In my solid opinion, Civil War (based on what the trailer is showing us) will be the biggest event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that preludes Infinity War. Also I believe that this is the studios way of getting rid of characters because in the trailer it shows James Rhodes, a.k.a War Machine, being shot down from the sky with a narration from Tony stating that Captain America just started a war. One thing that raised some concerns for me is that this movie is introducing a new character to their universe; the Black Panther. This concerns me because the Black Panther, up until now, had no formal introduction into the universe. This might cause the movie to suffer from a lack of character development until the eventual Black Panther movie comes out. Another concern for me is that I don’t think that moviegoers are ready for civil war to occur. Because for those who have read the actual comic, it doesn’t end well for all the characters involved, and it ends on a rather grim note, which I think audiences are not ready to see. Other than those concerns, the trailer is amazing as it not only expands more on the motivations for these characters fighting each other, but it also introduces a certain web-slinger into the universe. Hopefully Marvel keeps its momentum and makes Civil War a great movie and makes the following movies equally as great.

Captain America Civil War Trailer 2

  • All credit for the trailer and poster go to Marvel Studios.