JROTC Archery News

Kearny JROTC Archers brought home two bronze medals and one 4th place medal (all of them individual awards), and we brought home a 4th place medal for the Team format at the Olympic Archery in Schools (OAS) City Tournament held at the Olympic Training Center this past Saturday.

Please congratulate the following individuals for their achievements this past weekend.  It is worth noting that several of  the coaches, and the OAS director, commented on how much they had improved from last season and they were very impressed with our Archers.

Lily Bell – 3rd place  Bronze Medal  overall ranking format
Asia Dunbar – 3rd place Bronze medal for Singles Format
Melissa Osorio – 4th place medal for singles format

Team Medal 4th place
Andrew Lindbeck
Mikaila Lane
Logan Voegele

JV Ranking format
1st place Tharit Mungphangklang
3rd place Christopher Flannery