Coming of Age: The Process of Turning 18

Turning eighteen is the end of one journey and the beginning of another. Physically we are the same, but mentally we are maturing, and we are beginning to get ready to face the rest our lives as adults.

As a teenager who just recently turned eighteen, it felt awkward at first. The prospect of becoming an adult felt like a breath of fresh air. Looking back, it felt like that the first year of high school was the start of the journey to adulthood.

As freshmen, we all were young, wild, and still in the middle school mindset. As sophomores, we begin to grow a bit and start showing signs of maturity. As juniors, we become more mature and become wise to how our world will be like after high school. And finally as seniors, we come full circle having gained the knowledge needed to move on from our high school lives and mentality begin the mindset of transitioning into college and the workplace.

I having matured greatly since my arrival here at Kearny: having realized that the past three years have been only stepping stones to that eventual point where we as seniors move on to create new experiences and memories in college.

Here at Kearny, where early graduation is offered to students who want to get a head-start in college, senior year becomes more of a time to rest and prepare for college life.

At the beginning of my senior year for me, it felt normal and unchanged, but as soon as second semester started, it began to feel long and unsettling. The desire to leave high school and begin college life began to take hold. This desire led to many seniors, including myself, to getting senioritis.

Senioritis basically means that as seniors the desire to leave makes us lazy and sometimes unfocused in class. To mitigate this, most seniors decided to leave early and go to Mesa College. I chose to opt out and stay at Kearny because I already received an acceptance letter to  go to California State University Los Angeles.

As a senior I am extremely proud to have accomplished so much in my life, and now, I feel like I’m ready to face the world on my own.

At the end of it all, graduation is fast approaching. And two months from that, the spring semester of college begins and new memories and experiences awaits all of us.

So turning 18 means that our lives are in our hands now, and it is up to us to make and do something good with it