Morse Tigers vs Kearny Komets

On Tuesday, April 25, 2016 Kearny’s JV Softball team played against Morse High School. However, there weren’t enough players on the JV Morse Softball Team. Therefore, the Morse Tigers ended up forfeiting the game giving the Kearny Komets the win. Although, the Tigers still played against the Kearny Komets; however, in order to still have a practice game, 4 girls from the Kearny’s softball team played for the Morse Tigers. It was a pretty fun game. It was a good way for the girls to bond and play against each other.


Good Time Memories

Good Time Memories

Interested in buying a yearbook?

If students, parents, and staff are interested, they can buy one at the financial office. They are on sale for seventy five dollars.

If students would like to purchase this year’s and last year’s yearbook, they will be sold as a combo for ninety dollars. After the combo-sale is over (and if there are any remaining 2015 yearbooks left) then last years 2014-2015 yearbooks will be sold separately.

Remember to purchase a 2015-2016 yearbook before they sell out.



Tharit Mungphangklang is a smart student. He is still attending high school at Kearny. One thing that he likes about SIB is JROTC because that’s where he met all his friends. Tharit also likes the JROTC Archery Program. After high school he plans on receiving an education through the military (Army). The advice he has to give to all juniors, sophomores, and freshmen is to enjoy their high school years because it really is a great and a once in a lifetime experience . He also advises that if anyone tells you that you can’t do something, to prove them wrong; you can do it.

Linda Vista Multi-Cultural Parade

ParadeThe 31st annual Linda Vista Multi-Cultural Parade was held on Saturday, April 23, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Its purpose was to promote cultural awareness and understanding within San Diego.

Many Kearny JROTC cadets who attended the parade had come to school by 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. After about 1 hour of marching rehearsal, they started marching down the street. While they were marching, many people on the wayside cheered for them with enthusiasm. During the parade and throughout the day, attendees were able to enjoy a fun and exciting fair.

Amazingly, it took about 2 hours to march there and walk all the way back to Kearny. However, everyone did a great job, and I was really proud of attending the JROTC parade.




Tomorrow the four small Schools SCT, DMD, SIB, EID will be having a Kick Ball Tournament. It will be taking place on the baseball field right after school to about 5:30. Teachers and students will form a team representing their school and play against the other small schools. Students are allowed to play if they have turned in a permission slip to their small school office by the due date.

Among many tournaments Kearny recently sponsored, Kearny had a basketball Tournament, which was held in the gym, and SCT won against other competing small schools.

So make sure that you are at the baseball field tomorrow cheering on your small school.

Blossoming into The Pep Rally

This Friday was our spring pep rally! As students know, the school year is slowly but surely coming to an end and this was our last sport’s pep rally, making it very special for senior athletes. Each class had an assigned flower corresponding with their class color. Which were purple, pink, yellow, and blue. The pep rally was a great time. It included games, fun music, a dance crew that came out to perform, and the student dances. Congrats to all the spring sport athletes for a great season and to the seniors.


Powder Puff Football

Powder Puff Football is a girls football game using the touch, flag, or tackle football rules. All Junior and Senior girls are invited to play. All Juniors or Seniors who want to participate must speak to either Ms.Weber in room 603, or Ms.Nathalie in the Student Center to get the permission slip. Students must turn in permission slips to either Ms.Weber or Ms.Nathalie before the 29th of this month in order to play. So students hurry up and have your parents or guardians sign and turn  those permission slips in because time is running out.


Prom ’16

20160426_105758Attention all seniors: this year’s prom will be on Sunday, May 22 at the University Club atop Symphony Towers. It will begin at 6 p.m. and will end at 10 p.m. The doors will be closing at 7 p.m., so if students and their dates arrive after 7, they will not be allowed entrance. Students need to make sure they buy their prom ticket now while the price is only $60 because the price will be getting higher after April 29th. Tickets won’t be on sale after May 16th.

The prom will be masquerade ball: Midnight Masquerade. If students would like wear masks, they may. The prom ia a senior event, and only seniors will be able to attend prom. A junior, sophomore, or a freshmen must be invited by a senior in order to be able to attend Prom ’16.


The Track Meet

IMG_0556 IMG_0508 IMG_0503 IMG_0278

Last Thursday, Kearny High Schools Track team ran against Lincoln High school at approximately 3:00 p.m. to about 5:30 p.m. at Kearny High School. Even though not everyone had a chance to run or compete, Kearny’s team performance was inspirational, for it was exciting to watch our friends and peers participate. So come out this Thursday and support Kearny Komets as they run and compete against San Diego High.

How is the United States number 12 in Education and College Grads?

We are no longer number 1

We are no longer number 1

In the world today, the United States is number 12 in terms of education and college graduates when compared to the rest of the world. Why is that? The answer in my opinion is in our own culture and how it impacts the next generation of young pre-teens and coming of age teenagers preparing to go to college.

I feel that the United States culture today promotes ignorance through pop culture, while deep and thoughtful thinking is often not a priority with the next generation. Today’s young teen mindset seems to focus so much on glamorizing “stars” like Kanye West, Drake, and Beyonce and others that they focus on what is popular jumping on Madison Avenue advertising bandwagon and media hype. This is an over simplified mindset that pop culture continuously shoves into their minds. This, at best, is a disaster: and at its worst a social breakdown.

I feel this is evident because the young mindset is too focused on whats best for them and not whats best for everyone—including themselves. This self-absorbed personality created through the influence of pop culture means that there is no such thing as caring for anyone else or helping your community: there is only me, myself, and I.

On the other side of the argument, people might say that we recognize that this is dangerous and that we are pursuing higher education to mediate this problem. But based on my experiences, as a senior and seeing many arguments between students and teachers, I can see that the generation, next in line after my generation, outright refuses to listen to authority or to try at all in any of their classes.

Also, the use of social media like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram etc, only puts more fuel in the fire. The use of social media creates an addiction in the young mind that they can’t go through their daily lives without at least picking up their smartphones to check social media posts during times of learning and hard work. My viewpoint is based on my observations as a teachers assistant and seeing so many students drop their work in favor of going on their smartphones.

I also feel that this generation of privileged young minds lacks the hardships that some underprivileged students experience growing up. Coming from this background, I understand the hardships faced by others, and I’m grateful they found success. Others, I feel, are too used to having life being spoon fed to them and never once having to go through the struggles that I and so many others have faced in our lives. Even though this might not be true for all students, it still appears that way in most classes I have observed.

This issue can easily be solved at home with the intervention of parents and/or guardians. Parents/guardians should teach their children the importance of focusing on education and continue to remind them of how important it is as they grow into young adults. While this can help remind flourishing young adults that their time should be focused on studying with some time reserved for being with friends and family, it is up to the students to listen and follow these instructions.

In conclusion, I feel that the growing influence of pop culture and the continued use of social media is impacting young minds and distracting them from the importance of an education. With the United States dropping down to number 12 in terms of education and college graduates in the world, I hope that the next generation will understand the importance of getting an education and influencing their communities in a positive way by attending class, focusing on work, and respecting their teachers.  This is an important issue that should remain in the forefront receiving our full attention as we continue on this Sisyphean task of trying to fix it. I know we can do it.



Chopsticks are just two small sticks, but some people can use them to eat all kinds of food. Do you think that is incredible? The picture at the top right corner shows you how to use chopsticks.

Most of Chinese people use chopsticks while American people use spoons, forks and knives.

When I was little, I thought chopsticks were hard to use. I used to use spoons until I went to elementary school. My mom said that it was unusual that as a Chinese I could not use chopsticks. So she started making me use chopsticks from then on.

My mom told me that the way to hold chopsticks was basically like the way to hold a pencil. But I could not even use a pencil properly when I was in first grade, not to mention a pair of chopsticks. That meant I had to hold two pencils simultaneously. Traditional Asian food is usually cut into tiny pieces so it would cook faster, but that also makes it hard to clip or grasp those small food pieces using chopsticks.

After a long time of practice, I finally found out how to use chopsticks. It is undeniable that chopsticks are the best eating utensils for most of Asian food like noodles, dumplings, wontons, sushi, sashimi, and even some American foods. Basically you can use chopsticks to eat all kinds of Asian foods, except soup and porridge.

But I have to say that I can hardly use forks and knives at the same time. I feel belabored when I try to cut the food that is too big in size. Fortunately schools here provide spoons for meals. Since I have been using spoons since I was a little kid, I feel comfortable eating with them at school.

I hope I can figure out how to feel comfortable using forks and knives one day. I want to learn to use all these main world eating utensils: Chinese and American. That sounds skillful, doesn’t it?


Bryan Luna is a hard working student, and he likes going out with friends. Bryan graduated early, so he is not attending school at the moment. He does plan on going to a university to pursue a career in mechanics. He says that the only fear that he has about being a young adult, as he begins to make his way, is not achieving his goal of becoming a mechanic.

Bryans advice for all juniors, sophomores, and freshmen is for them to enjoy their high school years as much as possible.

Crazy Heat


This week the weather was so crazy. Monday it wasn’t that hot. Tuesday and Wednesday were the hottest days; the temperature rose to around 90 degrees. Today is Thursday morning; we are already at 75 degrees, and it is not even noon.

According to the weather channels, we are having these crazy temperatures because of El Niño. It is predicted that we will not be having any more of these weird-hot-crazy days throughout the weekend and into the next week.

Some Kearny High students are wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts to cope with the heat and fatigue because many of the classrooms do not have air-conditioning. Following the students’ initiative, it can be expected that teachers and staff will seek to stay cool and safe by following the students’ example and start wearing shorts and cooler clothing to combat the heat.

Robot Programming Competition

Listen up Kearny High; the Robot Programming Competition is just around the corner. The Competition will be on May 14th from 9 a.m. to noon. It will be hosted by the College, Career and Technical Educational Department (CCTE) and by Junior Achievement at San Diego Community College. Students who want to participate must find a partner and register together. Also, students are not required to have any programming experience. Before the competition, there will be a brieRobot Programming Competitionf tutorial lesson. Afterwards, prizes handed out, and there will be an optional pizza lunch. So, remember, if you want to participate in the Robot Programming Competition, students must register no later than May 3rd.


Click on this link or the picture to be taken to the registration form.


Jericho Reviews: Justice League Vs. Teen Titans


While DC has trouble making it on the big screen, their small screen movies seem to be having more success. With a long line of movies starting with Justice League War in 2014, DC has slowly released movie after movie in an attempt to gain success in the direct-to-dvd market. Most of the movies garnered from very mixed to positive reviews, and with the release of Justice League Vs. Teen Titans, DC is beginning to gain momentum on the small screen.

Justice League Vs. Teen Titans (JLVTT) is next in line for DC in the direct-to-dvd market and it goes off with a bang. JLVTT is a fantastic introduction movie for the Teen Titans in the DC Animated Universe. The movie benefits from having a likeable cast that includes Damien Wayne/Robin, Garfield Mark/Beast Boy, Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle, Rachel Roth/Raven, and Koriand’r/Starfire. Each character is unique and has qualities that separate them from the other characters. Despite having the Teen Titans as part of the movie, the main focus is on Damien Wayne as he struggles to work with a team.

Damien Wayne as our main character is incredibly unlikeable in the beginning, but his character arc slowly begins to make him more likeable. The rest of the cast does a fantastic job and allows Robin to develop as a character while they themselves establish their individual characterizations.

Story wise the movie makes its own plot easy to follow by identifying a clear villain and a common goal that unites our heroes to fight as one. The story is well paced and balances out action and character development that allows the story to flow. In terms of action, the movie is choreographed wonderfully, and the animation is great.

In conclusion Justice League Vs. Teen Titans is another great movie in DC’s line of animated movies and clearly shows the effort they place into their movies. I highly recommend this movie to anyone looking to get in on the DC hype with all the movies coming out making this movie a 4.5 out of 5.

  • Credit for the box art goes to DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation

What’s the Big Deal about Sports?

  • Baseball

Students should join many of the fall, winter, or spring sports. Joining a sport at your school can serve as a motivation.

Now you may say how? Joining a sport motivates a student to earn a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. Students can play their desired sport while maintaining passing grades. It’s a 2 for 1. Sports help students boost their self-esteem and remain active in their community while developing community and social skills. Athletes remain in mental and physical shape by staying active and following a healthy diet. Sports keep students on a healthy path by avoiding drugs and alcohol.

Students should always strive to do their best. Although if sports isn’t your thing, then go out and socialize by being a fan and cheering on your school!

Kick Ball Tournament



On April 29th the four small Schools SCT, DMD, SIB, EID will be having a Kick Ball Tournament. Teachers and students will form a team representing their school and play against the other small schools.

If you’re interested in playing, go to your small school office and pick up a permission slip and return it with your parent or guardian’s signature.

Kickball is an informal game combining the two games of baseball and soccer where a ball is rolled across home plate (rather than pitched) to a person who kicks it and then runs the bases to score.




The anticipation for summer fun begins in spring. Here are some fun things to look forward to this month. Starting April 18th, Spirit Week starts with Hollywood Monday, followed by Hippy Tuesday, Chillin-on-the Beach Wednesday, and Tacky Tourist Thursday, and ending with Floral Friday on the 22nd.

That Friday is also the pep rally for spring sports. Get ready to support all your Komets by attending and participating at our last pep rally for sports. Also, April 20th is an early exit day, so be prepared for a fun week!

School of International Business Name Changing to School of College Connections

imageDid you know our small school, International Business, is changing its name?  Jorge and I went to our small school office and tried to learn more about the name change; we only received the name which was School of College Connection (SCC).

We had to go to another source: the AVID and math teacher, Ms. Heinzman. She has been in charge of the name change process, and it has been going on for the last few years. Currently, they are waiting for the district confirmation—and hopefully, by the next school year—the name change will be complete. They are changing the name since it is getting harder to enroll kids into SIB because our small school doesn’t offer enough business classes.

We asked if the lanyard was going to be the same color, and it will remain the same color, just different letters: SCC.

Canyon Clean Up Day

A Clean Canyon

A Clean Canyon

Mesa College is hosting Canyon Day. This will be on Saturday, April 16, 2016. Canyon Day is when the community gathers to clean up Tecolote Canyon Nature Trail. Volunteers will be meeting up at Mesa College parking lot #1 at 8:30 A.M. Volunteers will have to register for your participation hours. Before cleaning, Park Ranger Janice Labellee will speak to everyone regarding safety around 9:00 A.M. Then, volunteers will start cleaning the canyon at 9:15 A.M. At noon, volunteers will break for lunch, and they will be presented with a cleaning certificate.

If a volunteer is under the age of 18, a signed waiver will be needed. If volunteer has a waiver, they don’t need to be accompanied by a guardian. Don’t forget to bring gloves. You should wear clothes that may be worn out.

If volunteer would like to be a team leader, they will have to call or email Janice Lavallee.

PHONE NUMBER:(858)582-9961

Book One of The Age of Fire: Dragon Champion Review

I have just finished reading Book One of The Age of Fire: Dragon Champion written by E.E. Knight. E.E. Knight takes regular fiction stories and takes them to a whole new level of entertainment. The ending may be a little weak because it leaves readers on a cliffhanger. But the rest of the book is strong because it has interesting characters and a great plot. I give this book a rating 4 out of 5 stars. If you’re interested in suspenseful and adventure filled kind of books, try reading The Age of Fire series.


Brenda Roque is a funny, smart teen. She is fun to be around with, and she always manages to stay positive and smile throughout the day. She was once a Kearny senior student, and now, she is an early grad attending her final semester of school at Mesa College. Brenda is not sure about the career she wants to pursue, but she really enjoys chemistry and science. She really likes experimenting and trying new things. Brenda is the first in her family to attend college.

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