What’s the Big Deal about Sports?

  • Baseball

Students should join many of the fall, winter, or spring sports. Joining a sport at your school can serve as a motivation.

Now you may say how? Joining a sport motivates a student to earn a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. Students can play their desired sport while maintaining passing grades. It’s a 2 for 1. Sports help students boost their self-esteem and remain active in their community while developing community and social skills. Athletes remain in mental and physical shape by staying active and following a healthy diet. Sports keep students on a healthy path by avoiding drugs and alcohol.

Students should always strive to do their best. Although if sports isn’t your thing, then go out and socialize by being a fan and cheering on your school!

Kick Ball Tournament



On April 29th the four small Schools SCT, DMD, SIB, EID will be having a Kick Ball Tournament. Teachers and students will form a team representing their school and play against the other small schools.

If you’re interested in playing, go to your small school office and pick up a permission slip and return it with your parent or guardian’s signature.

Kickball is an informal game combining the two games of baseball and soccer where a ball is rolled across home plate (rather than pitched) to a person who kicks it and then runs the bases to score.




The anticipation for summer fun begins in spring. Here are some fun things to look forward to this month. Starting April 18th, Spirit Week starts with Hollywood Monday, followed by Hippy Tuesday, Chillin-on-the Beach Wednesday, and Tacky Tourist Thursday, and ending with Floral Friday on the 22nd.

That Friday is also the pep rally for spring sports. Get ready to support all your Komets by attending and participating at our last pep rally for sports. Also, April 20th is an early exit day, so be prepared for a fun week!