Jericho Reviews: Justice League Vs. Teen Titans


While DC has trouble making it on the big screen, their small screen movies seem to be having more success. With a long line of movies starting with Justice League War in 2014, DC has slowly released movie after movie in an attempt to gain success in the direct-to-dvd market. Most of the movies garnered from very mixed to positive reviews, and with the release of Justice League Vs. Teen Titans, DC is beginning to gain momentum on the small screen.

Justice League Vs. Teen Titans (JLVTT) is next in line for DC in the direct-to-dvd market and it goes off with a bang. JLVTT is a fantastic introduction movie for the Teen Titans in the DC Animated Universe. The movie benefits from having a likeable cast that includes Damien Wayne/Robin, Garfield Mark/Beast Boy, Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle, Rachel Roth/Raven, and Koriand’r/Starfire. Each character is unique and has qualities that separate them from the other characters. Despite having the Teen Titans as part of the movie, the main focus is on Damien Wayne as he struggles to work with a team.

Damien Wayne as our main character is incredibly unlikeable in the beginning, but his character arc slowly begins to make him more likeable. The rest of the cast does a fantastic job and allows Robin to develop as a character while they themselves establish their individual characterizations.

Story wise the movie makes its own plot easy to follow by identifying a clear villain and a common goal that unites our heroes to fight as one. The story is well paced and balances out action and character development that allows the story to flow. In terms of action, the movie is choreographed wonderfully, and the animation is great.

In conclusion Justice League Vs. Teen Titans is another great movie in DC’s line of animated movies and clearly shows the effort they place into their movies. I highly recommend this movie to anyone looking to get in on the DC hype with all the movies coming out making this movie a 4.5 out of 5.

  • Credit for the box art goes to DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation