The Differences Between Chinese And American Homes

mmexport1462901347114-1China’s land mass is right after America’s in the world ranking, but China has a large population of more than thirteen hundred million, which is about four times larger than America’s. Even though China is the fourth country by total area in the world, it has a problem of land-resource shortage.

Almost all of the Chinese residences are high buildings or skyscrapers and with mansions that have more than six stories.

I used to live on the 11th floor in a 24-story building in China, so basically, I had to take the lift to the ground floor everyday. It took a long time to wait for the lifts when it was a weekday because many people had to work or went to schools in the morning, and the capacity of the lift is only 11 people. Sometimes we had no electricity, so the lifts didn’t work. Even though the problem would be dealt with within a few hours, a lot of people who were hurried to go out had to use the stairs and the emergency exit that only had candles for lighting. Some people would use flashlights to help others illuminate the way.

When I came to America, I found that I liked the residences here better because many are usually less than a 3-story building. Now, I only spend a few moments getting out of my residence. I like it more than my old Chinese residence because even though the building was bigger, the square footage of our living area was smaller.

However, I miss my country right now because I haven’t been back there for almost one year.