San Diego Zoo History

The San Diego Zoo has now been open for a century. Looking back now, the zoo has changed dramatically. The San Diego Zoo went from zero to hero. Now they are saving many animals every year. The San Diego Zoo used to be just a plot of land, but now it has thousands of unique animals, rare species, many shops and a few rides.

The San Diego Zoo has come a long way since 1916, and will continue to remain a part of what makes living in San Diego so special.

What makes the San Diego Zoo so special to me is because I love animals and I also love going to the San Diego Zoo. My plans for the future is to major in Zoology and become a zoo keeper because I want to help save the animals, I also want to be a part of what the zoos do.Because of this, I am thinking about working at the San Diego Zoo after college. I know that I won’t be going to college any time soon, but it is best to plan ahead. Because I am planning ahead, I will be able to achieve my goals more easily.