SBAC Testing

SBAC testing is only for Juniors, and it starts on Monday, May 23rd through Thursday, May 26th.

While Juniors are testing, Freshmen, Sophomores, and Seniors will be doing something different each day during the testing period that last from 9:40 – 12:10. On Thursday the testing period will be from 9:35 to 12:30 to give students more time to write essays.

Instead of Kearny Students having four periods, students will have five.

That week the schedule will be different; the periods will be shorter than they usually are except for second period because that is when testing starts. Our usual hour and a half periods will be 50, except fourth period which will be 45 minutes. On the last day of testing first and fourth period will be 45 minutes, and second and third will be 40 minutes.