Memorial Weekend In 2016

Over this Memorial Weekend, it seemed all of social media payed their respect to all those who sacrificed their lives in defending our country by posting, tweeting, and snapping about how grateful we are for those who served. The holiday is important to many for, over the centuries, many Americans have lost their lives and have lost loved ones in defense of our freedom and liberties.

Although this weekend it was pointed out how this holiday off from school and work is being used as a time for mindlessly partying, getting drunk, and have a fun time. People are ignoring the actual purpose and meaning of this honorable holiday. Some on social media were upset about how Memorial Day is marketed to sell alcohol, bonfire and party materials, even sell furniture and cars with Memorial Day sales, and to announce the “start of summer.”  It’s completely understandable that this holiday is being used as a national party day and causes some disappointment to many.

And remarkably, it was also pointed out how the Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo, is “celebrated” by hundreds and thousands of Americans who can not tell you the meaning of the holiday. Cinco de Mayo is similarly alike to Memorial Day, where this day is to celebrate the Battle of Puebla which was an unlikely victory and triumph against the French. It’s often confused with Mexican Independence Day even by people who celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Here, in the U.S., it looks like Cinco de Mayo is almost celebrated by everyone but Mexicans, so as Americans have adopted this holiday they have also turned it into a day to wear fake mustaches and sombreros then go out to bars and partying like there is no tomorrow. There is no real celebrating of the history of Cinco de Mayo, but that doesn’t seem to upset many, unlike how people are upset about how Memorial Day is being milked. 2 journalism

Powder Puff

Powder Puff is a team sport where girls play football against other girls, and just like the regular male sport, but in this case they did not have padding, so no tackling was allowed. This is why the girls played flag football, so no one would get hurt.

The Junior girls competed against the Senior girls. They played on Thursday, May 26. The event was held on the field, and it started right after school and ended at about 5:30 pm.

Congrats to the Seniors for playing well and walking away with the win at the end. The seniors scored twice and the Juniors scored one time.


2016-05-26 10.12.47

SIB freshmen, sophomores, and seniors went on a field trip to the zoo on Thursday during the junior’s testing period. We left school at about 9:40 a.m. and arrived at the zoo at around 10:00 a.m. My sister, a friend, and I walked around looking at some of the animals like the turtles, flamingos, and goats. We became lost trying to look for the giraffes since we weren’t using a map to get around. We had to move fast if we wanted to get to see all the animals because we only had 2 hours in the Zoo. When our two hours were up, we never got the opportunity to see the giraffes.