Maned “Wolf”

One of my favorite animals is the wolf. Another one is a wolf that is not a wolf. It is called the Maned Wolf. The Maned Wolf is an ancient species; 4-million-year-old fossils have been found. It is like a fox on stilts. This animal has a confusing name; it is not a wolf, a dog, a jackal, or a fox. The Maned Wolf is a unique kind of canid. Most canids live in packs, but the Maned Wolf is solitary. It communicates with others mostly by smell, not face to face. The Maned Wolf is a very confusing creature; it looks like so many different canids, and its name is even confusing. Even though it is very confusing, the Maned Wolf is a very unique canid.




SIB and DMD went to San Diego Zoo last Thursday during SBAC testing.

I saw one of my favorite animals, the koalas. They are from Australia. The zoo has a wonderful exhibit with lots of eucalyptuses for them to eat, climb, and live in. They are gray with big black noses on their sleepy faces and chubby and fluffy bodies, and those features make them look so cute.

It wasn’t the first time I saw koalas. But every time I see them, they are always sleeping. They usually sleep between 18-22 hours a day. I looked up the reason online after I went home. The explanation is that they sleep a lot to conserve energy as their diet requires a lot of energy to digest.

The experience at the zoo was awesome. I hope we have a chance to visit the zoo again.

Panda and Elephant


Cool Elephants

Students were getting ready at 9:15 a.m to get on the buses. We arrived at the Zoo at 10:00. Teachers gathered the students once we arrived to give them instructions on where to meet. Then once we were in the park, the students were set free and left to wander and explore the park before meeting up again at 11:45 a.m to rush back for lunch at Kearny.

One of my favorite animals was the Panda. When I arrived to the Panda section there was a big line. When it was my time to see them, the Pandas were sleeping. Another animal I saw was an elephant. They were first feeding the elephants when I passed by, and then, they set him free to play with the other elephants.