Senior Year Retrospect

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The time has come…for seniors to start thinking about the beginnings of a new journey: college, the work force, or their next…unsure or possible steps—leaving  high school, leaving childhood—and entering into the next chapter of their lives.

As with everyone else leaving this year, I have experienced many things that I wish to share.

As a senior, this year has been quite an experience. It feels weird that this year is ending so quickly. From the very beginning of the year, I felt that everything has changed so drastically since my freshman year. Every senior has matured so much since we first arrived. And as seniors, everyone has expectations that we are ready to be on our own becoming fully fledged members of society. Some of us will even vote today.

The winter season was especially difficult seeing almost all of my senior friends leaving as early grads and only a couple of us stayed behind. Difficult choices. Seeing our friends moving on. I chose to remain so I could wrestle.

This years wrestling season was challenging as expectations were raised for returning wrestlers from last year. For half the season waiting for a team captain to be chosen, I led the team by conducting our daily stretches and warm-ups. Finally, a captain was chosen by the coaches near the end of the season.

Despite the challenges, this year of wrestling was the most exhilarating as my desire grew challenging stronger opponents and never deterring from my goal to become the best. At the end of the season, though I wasn’t the best, I was satisfied. I fulfilled my high school wrestling dream. Now I have the opportunity to continue wrestling in college.

After wrestling season was over the greatest challenge awaited: The wait…for graduation. Despite my initial boredom, I slowly began to have fun as a Teacher’s Assistant for first period, the editor-in-chief of the Kearny Galaxy for second period, and a student lead for the Komet Korner in third period. These experiences helped make surviving the last semester of high school tolerable and allowed me to meet and help underclassmen with schoolwork or life in general.

This year has been a blast.

I will sorely miss everyone that I have met and all the teachers that helped me through the years. I will miss the wrestling team. Wrestling has inspired me to push myself to become stronger and has instilled in me a new confidence. But the people I will miss the most is a group of friends that are very special to me—the Geek Squad. They have stuck with me since my junior year becoming my second family.

With two weeks left of school, I look forward to what the future holds for me and my friends.