The Year After

The Year After

Your spectacular mind has rocked my faith

The sweetness of your excellent laughter

Haunts me like a spooky memorable wraith

I’m falling into like the hereafter


Just a chance spent with you has brought me back

Has given me courage to the sweet life

You are in my heart like an almanac

I no longer feel any strife tonight


Under the night sky you walk me straight home

You listen and talk to me every time

When I look at you, my mind starts to roam

I wonder what goes through your mind sometime


As I begin to watch you walk away

I would hope to see you another day



My heart

The keeper of my soul has my secrets
Trials and test I can for sure endure
He has stolen my warm heart without threats
My fascinating soul he can allure

When I see him, he burns my eyes like salt
He takes my breath away, like the ocean
When I’m with him my heart comes to a halt
He always messes with my emotions

His cryptic heart is deeper than the sea
When he is close by I get butterflies
He holds the key of my reality
As he drifts away, my broken heart dies

When you’re with her I’m sorely agonized
With all you did, you left me paralyzed



I heard you liked girls with big curvy hips
I wish you knew their dirty nasty tricks
Wonder if you’ve noticed my big red lips

I wish you knew their dirty nasty tricks
Bet they’re not the ones to watch the eclipse
Or have a date night to watch some chick flicks

I’ll be holding your hand through battle ships
Will they do the same all through your conflicts?
I don’t even think they know your hardships

They say they’ll stay and talk about Celtics
But would they stay in a apocalypse?
I wish you knew their dirty nasty tricks

She might afford to buy you memberships
But I’ll take care of you when you’re homesick
Even if I have to take a few slips

I wish you knew their dirty nasty tricks
They try to hide you from my big red lips
But aren’t they aware of my lunatics?
I wish they knew my dirty nasty tricks

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Our Little Adventure

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Our Little Adventure

The day started bright and sunny with you,

We started our adventure happily.

Driving with you in the cool car, time flew,

While singing songs together crazily.


Occasionally exchanging glances,

You tell me we are going somewhere fun,

I’d begun to wonder of the chances,

Then I begin to see the setting sun.


He says, “Come here; slide over!” …Count me in.

We get out of the car and start the walk,

Heading up the hill, we’re at Cowles’ Mountain

Then our fingers begin to interlock.


I look him in the eyes, and it was bliss,

He then looked at me and gave me a kiss.

the boxes…

the boxes…

As I’m Staring into the ocean deep

My fingers holding on with a tight grip

Fighting the burdensome weight on my feet

Sharp, Jagged, ends snagging clothes causing rips


The Fragile wood was starting to give out

The ropes were scratching and pulling my feet

All I wanted to do was scream and shout

I was feeling like no one could hear me


My hands were like claws crawling rapidly

I was feeling the un-bearing pressure

I began to let go…slowly…falling

Stopping all the yelling and the lectures


I descended into the ocean deep

Now there is no more weight on my feet


© Ravin Martin 2016

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Loving you

Loving you

I can love you any time of the year

From Fall, Winter, Spring, and even Summer

You don’t even know how I love you dear

Loving you is like loving no other


Your smile, embrace, and laugh make me weak

Thinking of you, makes my heart burst out my chest

You’re in my mind every day of the week

Oh, when I am with you I feel so blessed


When I am with you, I feel so complete

I vision a future between us two

No one has ever treated me so sweet

I cannot imagine life without you


I wish you knew how much you mean to me

You are like the sweet sugar to my tea


Love for In-N-Out

The waiting line will feel like forever
The colors of white and red employees
The flavors of the burgers are clever
I can go back every single week

I truly love eating at in and out
They hide it from you, the secret menu
Their fries give you a bang and make you shout
You will be astonished by the venue

Never out of sale, always sellin
One bite can take you over the blue sky
It makes you feel like you are in heaven
It makes you feel like you’re on a high

Once you have your first bite of the burger
You will be coming back for another



The rhythm and blues generate energy

The beat in the lyrics create inspiration

The light in the solar power creates synergy

It gives my body transportation


My body likes the music to move

Making it easier to socialize

My tender feet like my shoes-I can grove

My joy begins to materialize


The beat and music makes my body pop

Everytime I pop, my hip-body locks

I watch videos from a friend’s laptop

As fun as playing with legos and blocks


Because of you my friend, my body shakes

My inspiration, my sweet baby-cakes

Falling in Love

Falling in Love

You fell in love for such weird odd reasons

How did it feel when you first noticed it?

You kept it in you, so many seasons

I thought you will soon someday drop and quit


Well she felt the same way too, and I knew

She asked me if you felt the same for her

I lied to her, said you wouldn’t come through

She looked in pain, her eyes seem to blur


Next thing I knew, you two were together

My heart broke; I didn’t know what to do

Everyday felt like such darn cold weather

I wanted to do is be someone new


Many years later, you came with some news

But all I knew was, I wouldn’t refuse

My Darling Cousin

My Darling Cousin.

Although cousins, you feel like a sister

That makes me happy that we are so close

When we were kids, we sang and played twister

We’d go to malls and try on tons of clothes


Funny how we’d laugh and try it all on

We’d giggle and buy hardly anything

We’d yell at each other and say, “Come on!”

We’d talk and listen to music and sing


I will always be there caring for you

Sharing secrets with you makes us closer

When you are sad, hurt, mad, alone, or blue

I’ll remove your troubles like a dozer


Then we’ll watch movies like when we were kids

‘Til we fall asleep and close our eyelids.

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2016 Graduation

Sadly, graduation is for seniors only, as they receive their diplomas leaving their younger friends…behind. But enthusiastically, our early grad seniors flock back for the grand ceremony, diplomas, and celebrations.

There are so many ceremonies throughout San Diego county this time of year—and just like the spring scattering of purple Jacaranda blossoms—the thrown-graduations caps will joyfully drift downwards announcing the end of our seniors’ youthful spring, as they commence the summer of their adult lives. Congratulations to all the seniors for their hard work during their four lengthy years of high school.

Kearny high schools graduation is on the Summer Solstice: the last day of school: June 21st. The ceremony begins at 5:00, and there is not an official set ending time.

Congrats to all the seniors who made it to the end and plan on carrying their educational journey into college.

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission usually announces at least one product recall daily. Sometimes they go unnoticed by consumers; other times, buyers are injured-or worse. There are 10 notable product recalls ranging through the years 1978-2016. Here is a description of a few of those recalls.

  • Ford Pinto (1978): Fuel tank caused fires after collisions, 7 deaths and 24 injuries.
  • Fitbit (2014):10,150 injuries related to skin rashes, and Fitbit recalled 1.1 million Fitbit Force Wrist fitness trackers after some buyers had allergic reactions to the materials.
  • Hoverboards (2016): Fire risk incidents are not tallied yet, but currently, there are at least 52 Hoverboard related fires.

There are probably a thousand more recalls that have happened in the past and may happen in the future. So, remember to always be aware of all recalls because it might just so happen that you have one of the recalled products.