never fret, most beautiful thing

Never Fret, Most Beautiful Thing

She looks up to see that her skies, darkening
Their mindless games begin to deceive
Her heart, but the only thing that she’s bleeding
Is the unholy pain obtained, she grieves

The loss of her voice even though she screams
She feels herself slip from the cruel earth’s peak
Her only escape is hopes and daydreams
She begins to sees herself grow too weak

Until she sees her lights begin to beam
The most beautiful thing that she’s ever seen
He has become her exact lifetime dream
He promised a lifetime, full and serene

She’ll look up to gaze at the stars and smile
She’ll never fret about another trial

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln

When I see you your as hot as can be
Looking at your eyes, I am memorized
Your eyes are perfect blue, like the blue sea
The thought of you can make me paralyzed

Every strain of your hair is perfection
Mainly when it glistens in the sunlight
When I’m with you I feel a connection
Your personality is bold and bright

Meeting you for the first time changed my life
Your smile filling me with happiness
Watching you through the screen in Afterlife
You make me fill up with such sadness

My feelings for you are really amazing
But they might go away leaving me crazing.

3 Things to do this summer


Three things students should do this summer:

Del Mar Fair: Go to one of the most visited fairs in San Diego from June 3rd– July 4th. At the Del Mar Fair students can enjoy their favorite fried foods. Students can go on many rides and spend memorable times with families and friends. Students should take advantage of the opportunities to socialize and experience the San Diego culture, and check out the artist that are coming to perform.

Go to the beach: If students feel the hot summer heat hitting their skin, all they care about is going somewhere refreshing and nice. Well, then go to the beach! San Diego is known for its beaches. Students can go to La Jolla or Pacific Beach and explore our beautiful beaches spending quality time with their family and friends. Students can swim, build sand castles, take pictures, or eat ice cream. Students can also make a bonfire and eat s’mores making summer memorable.

Padres Game: Everyone has there eye on the ball. All of a sudden there is a BOOM! The game has started. The Padres have plenty of summer games coming up.Students can go to Downtown San Diego with a group of friends and enjoy the game. Make sure to check out there schedules, and what theme they may have that day. Students can buy their tickets online or at the stadium, and maybe win a free t-shirt.





Choosing the Right College

After reading the Lancer Link article on choosing a college with the best fit, here is a quick summary.

Choosing the right college can be overwhelming like being in a chaotic rush hour traffic with bad drivers. Students will often become anxious and excited due to all of the majors, minors, and classes. Many students worry about the academic options at colleges. But students shouldn’t accept a college just because of the programs. The college/university that you choose will become your home for 4 years. The choice of college can become an investment in happiness. But don’t worry, here are some tips to help students choose the right college.

  1. Plan a College Visit: This may require extensive time and effort, but it will help students acquire information regarding their choices in college.
  2. Location: Pick somewhere enjoyable that promotes studying.
  3. Involvement: It is the key to success in the real world. Student organizations allows for active involvement; it provides a sense of belonging, opportunity to meet new people, and the camaraderie of working towards shared or personal goals.

Choosing a college may seem overwhelming at first, but if students break it down and stay informed, students will be able to cruise through the doors of their dream college.

For further information, click on this Lancer Link article.