Lights On – Small School Game

Football has the super bowl, baseball – the world series, NBA the finals… at Kearny it is all about the small school games. While Kearny functions as one big happy campus on a day to day basis, the small school spirit, colors and claws come out when it comes down to small school competitions. For over a decade, the 4 small schools at Kearny have battled for the title of “Small School Champion” of various sports, each of the small schools having held the title of champion at one time or another.

In coordination with celebrating the national “Lights on After School” day, the Kearny small schools battled it out on the basketball court. In the first game, SCT and EID squared off in a good battle with EID edging SCT out in the final half. In the second matchup, SCC was quite overmatched by the DMD squad who ran away with the second game and earned a spot in the finals to face EID. The final game was set between EID and DMD, and the match did not disappoint. EID put up a good fight, but the power of the DMD players lead to a DMD small school victory. This first small school game of the year was a great success with over 100 students participating and cheering on their small school. DMD looks forward to holding the crown, while the other 3 schools look to steal the title in the next smalls school game.

Stay tuned for small school volleyball next quarter!