The Red Queen Arrives

Back by popular demand, the Kearny theater club has kicked off this years audition for their performance of the Red Queen. Kearny theater was re-inspired last year by DMD teacher Matt McGlenn and the many leaders of the theater group. This year, Mr. McGlenn is teaming up with Theater School of San Diego to offer this unique production. Auditions took place on October 17th and 25th, where over 20 students gave it their all in a solo audition setting.

Though auditions have completed, the theater club is still open to students joining as members at large, and is still looking for stage hand assistance. Once roles are selected this month, and rehearsal begins, students have the unique opportunity to work on their language and script writing skills by editing the script to their personal style and desire. The IMIN team is thrilled to see the theater groups dedication, and the overall experience expand each year. The production of the Red Queen will open in the spring so stay tuned for show dates in the new year. Following the production close, theater group will continue to meet and practice for the IMIN Showdown!