Book One of The Age of Fire: Dragon Champion Review

I have just finished reading Book One of The Age of Fire: Dragon Champion written by E.E. Knight. E.E. Knight takes regular fiction stories and takes them to a whole new level of entertainment. The ending may be a little weak because it leaves readers on a cliffhanger. But the rest of the book is strong because it has interesting characters and a great plot. I give this book a rating 4 out of 5 stars. If you’re interested in suspenseful and adventure filled kind of books, try reading The Age of Fire series.

Sea World Stops Breeding Orcas?

Sea World announced Thursday it is ending its killer whale breeding program, a move comes after mounting public criticism and slumping park attendance over the past several years. The San Diego marine park will be the first to see the changes next year, followed by San Antonio, and then Orlando in 2019. Across the three  U.S. parks, there are 23 orcas, ranging in age from 1 to 51.

The company already agreed not to bring in any more cetaceans, meaning that the current existing orcas in park represent Sea World’s last generation of killer whales.

But given their life spans—50 years or more—the orcas will mostly likely be a presence at the parks for decades to come.

  •   Credit for the information goes to the following: Weisberg, Lori. “Sea World to Stop Breeding Orcas.” The San Diego Union Tribune, Friday 18 March  2016, Front Page.

Yu-Gi-Oh Club



Go check out the Yu-Gi-Oh club everyday in the library. The Yu-Gi-Oh club is looking for new members. Anyone who wants to have fun playing cards with others, then go on ahead and get your game on!

Beautiful Tree

Do you see me?

Do you see me?

A tree leans safely against the wind with its light gray trunk and leaves the shape of lily pads. Some leaves have holes and other don’t. The petals of the flower blossoms are soft and look like they’re sparkling. Many of the flower blossoms are magenta, purple, and pink. The tree is leaning to the side; that is why the tree needs the poles like a skier. There were a lot of flower petals on the ground. The tree has some yellow leaves, but the tree’s leaves are mostly green.