Crazy Heat Is Back

2016-06-27 16.58.41

Torrey Pines Beach

2016-06-27 19.34.11

Torrey Pines Overlooking the Pacific







The Crazy Heat is back, and we are baking like cookies an oven!

Since Friday night the weather started to get crazy hot.

Saturday was windy and cloudy. I started feeling the heat on Saturday night and had to turn on the fans in order to sleep.

Sunday was even hotter, approximately 88° with the heat constantly fluctuating. At night it was cooler, but I could still feel the miserable stalking heat.

Today, we are still being stalked by the crazy heat; it is going be 91°. Students should wear shorts and short sleeve shirts. Students should bring water bottles and stay hydrated. They should stay out of the sun as much as possible since we still don’t have our promised air-conditioning. When school is almost out, go to the beach; wear sunscreen; play in the waves—it’s free.

The Woman

20160613_113153Hillary Clinton breaks the glass ceiling and makes history as first woman to be a major-party presidential nominee. Almost 100 years after women received the right to vote with the passing 19th Amendment, Democratic citizens have come together and have nominated her as the Democratic Party leader.

Sadly of all the Republicans out there, the Republican Party has chosen a trash talking Trump.

Our student poll shows that Hillary is the Kearny High School students’ choice for president.

I would have liked for Bernie to have won California, but since it looks like he is out, I hope Bernie continues to use his platform to put Donald in his place.

Earthquake…Did you feel it?

“Did you feel it?”

“I felt it.”

“…I didn’t feel it.”

This is the typical conversation we all hear in California.

A 5.2 magnitude earthquake hit southern California early Friday, leading people to think if there will be another one much harder. The earthquake hit around 1 a.m. according to the U.S Geological Survey (USGS). There was no reports of people being injured or any major damages. After the initial earthquake, about a dozen small aftershocks hit the area; the strongest after shock was a 3.8.

People in LA felt the shake, too.

I did not feel anything because I’m a heavy sleeper and don’t wake up that easily. Some of my friends said they did feel it, and they woke up.

‘Did you feel it?’

Panda and Elephant


Cool Elephants

Students were getting ready at 9:15 a.m to get on the buses. We arrived at the Zoo at 10:00. Teachers gathered the students once we arrived to give them instructions on where to meet. Then once we were in the park, the students were set free and left to wander and explore the park before meeting up again at 11:45 a.m to rush back for lunch at Kearny.

One of my favorite animals was the Panda. When I arrived to the Panda section there was a big line. When it was my time to see them, the Pandas were sleeping. Another animal I saw was an elephant. They were first feeding the elephants when I passed by, and then, they set him free to play with the other elephants.

Blood Drive

20160517_103644There will be another Blood Drive, Wednesday June 1st. Sign up with an ASB representative, or get a permission slip at your small school office. Sign ups started on May 16th.

As always blood donations will be tested to see if it’s acceptable. Students have to be 15 and must have a parent permission slip to donate. Students that are 18 are adults and can sign their own permission slip. If students want to donate twice in a day, they have to be a certain height and weight.

Come donate blood and save lives. For any further questions talk to an ASB representative or go to your small school office and ask about the Blood Drive.

Grad Nite


Kearny PTSA Grad Nite 2016 is on Friday, May 27th through Saturday, May 28th at  Six Flags Magic Mountain. Grad Nite will be from 5:00 p.m on Friday until 8:00 a.m. on Saturday. Students need to turn in a parents approval and student waiver.

Grad Nite tickets will be sold for $150. It is a premium package that includes Grad Nite admission, a 2016 Grad Nite Glow Souvenir, a free Hurricane Arbor return ticket, an early admission into pre-party, an exclusive all-you-can-eat meal, and the exclusive access pass to the rides Full Throttle, X2, Goliath, Superman, and more.

Seniors will use a charter bus to transport them to and from the amusement park. It is going to be the most extreme Grad Nite party on the planet.

For tickets and more information, please contact PTSA-Paul.LkeATT.Net.


Good Time Memories

Good Time Memories

Interested in buying a yearbook?

If students, parents, and staff are interested, they can buy one at the financial office. They are on sale for seventy five dollars.

If students would like to purchase this year’s and last year’s yearbook, they will be sold as a combo for ninety dollars. After the combo-sale is over (and if there are any remaining 2015 yearbooks left) then last years 2014-2015 yearbooks will be sold separately.

Remember to purchase a 2015-2016 yearbook before they sell out.


Crazy Heat


This week the weather was so crazy. Monday it wasn’t that hot. Tuesday and Wednesday were the hottest days; the temperature rose to around 90 degrees. Today is Thursday morning; we are already at 75 degrees, and it is not even noon.

According to the weather channels, we are having these crazy temperatures because of El Niño. It is predicted that we will not be having any more of these weird-hot-crazy days throughout the weekend and into the next week.

Some Kearny High students are wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts to cope with the heat and fatigue because many of the classrooms do not have air-conditioning. Following the students’ initiative, it can be expected that teachers and staff will seek to stay cool and safe by following the students’ example and start wearing shorts and cooler clothing to combat the heat.

Empty Lot

Do you ever wonder what they are going to build on the empty lot on the north side of the school? As I pass by the empty lot, I wonder whether they will build more apartments, a house, or a type of commerce like a 7-11. 

  • Walking across the street

There was a time when Lupe’s, Starbucks and the Subway right across the street did not exist. There was a Mexican restaurant named Carmen’s Mexican Food. Before Carmen’s, there was a Carl’s Jr. that moved to Convoy Street.

In a few years that I’m in high school–and if they have not built anything–I want to return just to see if my guess was correct.


About the time the sun came out

This Monday’s downpour caught many students by surprise. This was the second of two severe storms that Kearny has experienced: the first causing some rooms to flood and trees to be knocked over or cut down. Some students were caught off guard forgetting to bring an extra change of dry clothing, an umbrella, or a rain poncho. But who knew? We did know. We were warned, but we forget living in such a beautiful climate.


2016-03-09 10.36.03My class laughed when I told them how my mom said, “WIC.” My mom usually says “el WIC” pronouncing it like the word, weak. Most of the people in Kearny High School that are not familiar with WIC are those that really do not need help with food or money. Some Kearny High School families are familiar with the services that WIC provides. There are many families that are unfamiliar with their services. WIC helps families that don’t have enough money to cover their food expenses. WIC donates to families gallons of milk, gallons of apple juice, fruits and vegetables, boxes of Cheerios, Honey Bunches of Oats, for they are trying to feed and promote healthy eating.

The Tree

The biggest tree in the world

The biggest tree in the world



The tree has green and yellow leaves. The leaves are shaped in a butterfly form. Not all the leaves are blooming. Some are already falling off because of the wind. The tree is not stable; it has two sticks on each side to hold it together. The petals are pink drifting into purple.