20160510_103518Digital Media Design (DMD) will be having their Digital Media Awards (DMAs). This years theme is Carnival, so be ready to play and enjoy exciting outdoor games. The small school, DMD, carnival will be on Friday, June 17. The DMAs is a contest for the best illustration, best photograph, and best video.

The deadline to turn in digital content is on Friday, May 20. For more information go to the website:

This competition is solely for DMD students. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the carnival and the exhibitions.

If students have any other questions, they may go to room 952 for more information.

School of International Business Name Changing to School of College Connections

imageDid you know our small school, International Business, is changing its name?  Jorge and I went to our small school office and tried to learn more about the name change; we only received the name which was School of College Connection (SCC).

We had to go to another source: the AVID and math teacher, Ms. Heinzman. She has been in charge of the name change process, and it has been going on for the last few years. Currently, they are waiting for the district confirmation—and hopefully, by the next school year—the name change will be complete. They are changing the name since it is getting harder to enroll kids into SIB because our small school doesn’t offer enough business classes.

We asked if the lanyard was going to be the same color, and it will remain the same color, just different letters: SCC.