Tharit Mungphangklang is a smart student. He is still attending high school at Kearny. One thing that he likes about SIB is JROTC because that’s where he met all his friends. Tharit also likes the JROTC Archery Program. After high school he plans on receiving an education through the military (Army). The advice he has to give to all juniors, sophomores, and freshmen is to enjoy their high school years because it really is a great and a once in a lifetime experience . He also advises that if anyone tells you that you can’t do something, to prove them wrong; you can do it.


Bryan Luna is a hard working student, and he likes going out with friends. Bryan graduated early, so he is not attending school at the moment. He does plan on going to a university to pursue a career in mechanics. He says that the only fear that he has about being a young adult, as he begins to make his way, is not achieving his goal of becoming a mechanic.

Bryans advice for all juniors, sophomores, and freshmen is for them to enjoy their high school years as much as possible.


Brenda Roque is a funny, smart teen. She is fun to be around with, and she always manages to stay positive and smile throughout the day. She was once a Kearny senior student, and now, she is an early grad attending her final semester of school at Mesa College. Brenda is not sure about the career she wants to pursue, but she really enjoys chemistry and science. She really likes experimenting and trying new things. Brenda is the first in her family to attend college.