Jericho’s Movie Reviews: Kung Fu Panda 3

The third movie in Dreamworks’ outstanding series of movies, tKFP3he Kung Fu Panda gives moviegoers a masterful animated feature that wraps up the animated series. On its own the movie is great and delivers the promise of a satisfying third sequel. But when compared to its predecessor, Kung Fu Panda 2, the movie feels like it took a step down. The new villain of the movie feels less threating. The villain of the last of movie,  Lord Shen, was intelligent and conniving which gave him an intimidating presence, whereas the new villain, Kai, felt lacking in the intimidation factor and is played more for laughs than being actual threat.

Outside of having a weak villain, Kung Fu Panda 3 has a good story with a great mix of comedic and serious moments that gives the movie a more adult tone, while at the same time keeping it light-hearted for younger audiences. Like any good sequel, Kung Fu Panda 3 continues where the last movie left off with the main character Po moving on from the events of the last movie. In his new role, Po faces the responsibility of becoming a teacher of Kung Fu, and throughout the movie, he slowly develops more into what he truly is destined to be, while at the same time dealing with Kai who plans to steal the chi of all the Kung Fu masters to become all-powerful. With everything that made this series so great, and an ending that brings all the characters into full circle, Kung Fu Panda 3 is a great movie for all ages. I give the movie a 4.5 out of 5, not perfect, but it is definitely a must see for everyone.

Credit for the poster goes to Dreamworks Animation.


Welcome Back Kearny Galaxy!

As I remind myself, “Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” Today is a gift for Kearny because it marks the return of the Kearny Galaxy after years of inactivity. As part of our launch, the Kearny News Crew has put a variety of articles and stories together to inform and entertain. As a part of Kearny’s history, the Galaxy has always reported on events regarding our student body activities: on and off the campus.

Starting with this first online issue, we intend for our peers to experience the unity produced by students as our predecessors once did. As the next generation of Galaxy Journalists, we hope that you enjoy the return of our newspaper.

Kearny Galaxy

Jericho Dancel


Yu-Gi-Oh Club



Go check out the Yu-Gi-Oh club everyday in the library. The Yu-Gi-Oh club is looking for new members. Anyone who wants to have fun playing cards with others, then go on ahead and get your game on!

Beautiful Tree

Do you see me?

Do you see me?

A tree leans safely against the wind with its light gray trunk and leaves the shape of lily pads. Some leaves have holes and other don’t. The petals of the flower blossoms are soft and look like they’re sparkling. Many of the flower blossoms are magenta, purple, and pink. The tree is leaning to the side; that is why the tree needs the poles like a skier. There were a lot of flower petals on the ground. The tree has some yellow leaves, but the tree’s leaves are mostly green.

The Tree

Do you see me?

Do you see me?

This isn’t a very interesting tree because I have passed by this area many times, and I have never noticed it. The tree looks old but has very beautiful pinkish and purplish flowers with butterfly like leaves. It is a medium sized tree that can’t stand up by itself because it’s tied up to another stick. In my opinion it is a nice tree; the only thing I didn’t like was that it looks very old.



Chinese Orchid Tree

Touch me.

Touch me.

The tree that I saw was very pretty. It is as tall as a one-story building. The trunk is thin and the bark is light brown. The bark looks very smooth. There are lots of flowers that are the color of a very pretty pink. The flowers look like lilies, and each one has five petals. The leaves on the tree are a light green with dark green splotches. Some of the leaves are yellow and some of the branches are still bare. The leaves are shaped like lily pads. There are lots of bees flying around, and there are ants on the tree. This tree is filled with life.

The Tree

The biggest tree in the world

The biggest tree in the world



The tree has green and yellow leaves. The leaves are shaped in a butterfly form. Not all the leaves are blooming. Some are already falling off because of the wind. The tree is not stable; it has two sticks on each side to hold it together. The petals are pink drifting into purple.

The Tree

YuGiOh-ProtagonistsThe tree is short and blooming with lush green leaves and sprouting pink flowers among its many branches. Each branch is like an arm that reaches out to the sky: almost touching it at certain points. Its appearance bears a striking resemblance to the trees I would see back in North Carolina during the early spring season. Its many flowers have nectar and pollen. Bees harvest pollen and use it to help other similar plants grow and become beautiful. This tree is an example of nature showing its beauty to the world around it.

DMD Pure Water Facility field trip

  • Kearny and Madison students visit the San Diego Water Department's water reclamation facility in Mira Mesa in February.

KHS Archery Program wins third Championship

The Kearny JROTC National Archery in the School Program under the coaching of SFC Dallas Poynter won their third School District Championship on Saturday February 20th at Lincoln High School. Please congratulate the following cadets:

Michael Osorio
Eric Mains
Tharit Mungphangklang
Asia Dunbar
Melissa Osorio
Lily Bell
Mikaila Lane
Jonessa Ocampo
Andrew Lindbeck
Christopher Flannery

Kearny also took all three individual archery medals again as well for the second year in a row.

Gold Medal Lily Bell with a score of 276
Silver Medal Asia Dunbar with a score of 274
Bronze Medal Mikaila Lane with a score of 268

Go Komets!

The Tree

On the unbeaten path, a tree blooms. It does not offer much shade for students, but the constant flowering serves as the impetus reminding students that their lives are in full bloom. While embedded in the lucky green clover of schooling, they are surrounded by a random scattering of patrolling dandelion stems with blown wishes swirling in the wind: a reminder that the simple decisions being made now are adding up—creating possible fates and futures.

  • Do you see me?

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