bomb targets police, kill 11 in Istanbul:

A  car  bomb  hit  a  police  vehicle  in Istanbul   during  the  morning rush  hour  on  Tuesday, killing 11 people  and  wounding 36, the  fourth  bombing to hit  the  city  this  years. There was  no immediate  claim  of  responsibility, but  turkey  has  seem  a  recent increase in violence linked to  Kurdish  rebels   or  to the  Islamic  state which has found  recruits  and established  cells in  the  country. Speaking  at the  scene of the blast  in  Benghazi district, Istanbul Gov. Vasili basin said  a bomb placed  inside a  car detonated as  a police  vehicle  passed by. The  dead  were  seven police officer and four  civilians. At  least three  of the  wounded were in  serous condition. Sahib declined to  comment  on  who  may  be  behind  the attack and  authorities  imposed  a news. Blackout preventing  media from  reporting details of the  probe in  turkey citing concerns  over  security and  police  and forensic efforts to  investigates the  attack. Such  bans  primarily  affect  the  diffusion  from  other soured Via  the  internet or  satellite dishes.” We  urge the  government to  hold  off on  who news  bans  which  are  actually  not effective at all” Said guru overt, the  turkey  representative  for  the  committee to  protect  journalists calling, the  bans  a violation  of press freedom and people’s right  to  be  informed. News bans   became  commonplace after  a 2013 bombing  attack  in  rectilinear the  border  with  Syria, which  killed  52 people. Since then  turkey has  witnessed a resurgence of  conflict  with  Kurdish rebels and  growing  spillover from  the  war in Syria. In a sign of  escalating  conflict  both  on  the Kurdish  and  ISIS, the  pace   of  violence  has  accelerated  and  areas  to  major  cities,  including  Kara, the  capital.  Istanbul alone  has  endured two  bombings  targeting  security  forces  and  two  hitting  tourism  sites  in  2016. These  attacks  have  contributed  to  a  dip in tourism  and  taken a toll on the  economy. Tuesday’s bomb went  off   a busting  Istanbul neighborhood just  north of the  golden  horn, where  the  Bosporus strait  meets the  sea  of  Marmara. There  areas is  home  to the  offices of  provincial  authorities, three  universities and  ancient  sites including  roman era aqueducts.